New professor looks to stabilize computer science department

North Central hires a new computer science professor 

Sheri Hutchinson
North Central welcomes new Computer Science Professor Sheri Hutchinson. Photo by Ericka Sura.

Professor Sheri Hutchinson was recently hired by the Computer Science Department, one of the new degree paths of North Central University. 

The Computer Science Department, established two years ago, has a lot of change in its short lifetime.  

“It would be nice to have some kind of direction on what’s expected of us out of our senior project,” said Ian Burt, a senior computer science major. “With each successive advisor, each one had their own ideas on how things should be done.”  

Hutchinson, who holds a doctorate in Education from Capella University, was hired last fall as an associate professor and brings experience to the table with her computer science background.  

“The department was in need of a faculty member to steer and guide the program,” Hutchinson said.  

One of the first things Hutchinson is looking to do is provide supervised stability for students in the computer science program by providing additional opportunities for students to be able to engage with IT professionals. 

“I would like to be able to offer these programs in a hybrid and online format so…we can offer this program and these courses to individuals across the country,” Hutchinson said. 

Hutchinson hopes to help students access work online more efficiently. 

“She seems very knowledgeable for what she was brought in for,” a junior computer science major said. “It can only go up from here.” 

Burt said he is optimistic about the future if the amount of support is increased for the program as a whole. 

“I think she will be good for the program if she can continue to bring in good people to help continue teaching the courses. That was something that was unfortunately lacking before this was that we didn’t much external support in these classes,” Burt said.