Mission trip to L.A. serves local community

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Students gain a change in perspective after partnering with The Dream Center

Co:Mission L.A.
North Central student organizes bags of food to be distributed to L.A. neighborhood. Photos by Rodrigo de Mendoza.

Most college students see spring break as a chance to have fun and relax. Breaking the mold for spring break norms, four North Central undergraduates chose to spend six of their nine days off serving the Los Angeles community through a mission trip. These students went to L.A. to partner with The Dream Center for a second year. 

The Dream Center in L.A., founded in 1995 by Pastor Matthew Barnett, daily dives head-first into the largest problems experienced by the LA population to create a positive change in the community.  

North Central’s student-led ministry, Co:Mission, directed by junior Alexander Grant, partnered with The Dream Center in LA to send students on a short term mission trip from March 5 to March 10.  Team members were able to help with The Dream Center’s weekly service routine during their trip.  

The students engaged in a variety of activities—ranging from distributing groceries to families in low income neighborhoods through The Dream Center food truck program to praying and building relationships with people experiencing homelessness on Skid Row.  

Through a multitude of both residential and outreach programs, The Dream Center fights with a faith-based mindset to meet the needs of those who are unable to meet them alone.  

This mission trip proved to have an impact in more than just those who were served. The students gained a change in perspective during their time with The Dream Center.  

“Seeing all the brokenness… was just so overwhelming at first,” Brandon Major, sophomore, said. “But the more I got to talk to [the people we encountered], the more I realized how normal they were; they had stories just like you and me.”