Donors give students new Clay Commons

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Donors give students new Clay Commons

Second Give Day refreshes popular student hang out.


GiveDay Graph
Graph by Ericka Sura.

The second annual Give Day was held on March 21st to raise money to renovated Clay Commons and has accumulated over $30,000 for the project. Last year was the first year North Central took action on the idea of alumni giving back to their alma mater and it was a success. 

“With last year being the first year [of Give Day] we didn’t have a published goal, but we were hopeful to raise $5,000,” Trent Redmann, director of development, said. 

North Central beat that goal by a landslide with raising $14,550 dollars from cash and online donations. The money raised was put in the “Finished Fund.” This fund helped students pay their tuition if a situation arose that would impact their finances.  

After such a great turn out last year North Central has decided to take on a new goal of raising $35,000. Redmann is determined to reach the goal by working with student body president Hunter Costello and the student senate through doing a tele-thon. The senate started making calls to alumni on March 21st at 9 a.m. and did not stop until the clock struck 9 p.m.  

Costello sat down with Redmann to discuss theme options for this year’s fundraiser. After collaborating, Redmann and Costello decided to set a goal in raising enough money all in one day to renovate the Clay Commons.  

“Even as a student myself, it means a lot to see the impact we are having on the school physically and spiritually by raising the campus morale and doing our part in leaving the school better than we found it,” Costello said. 

Redmann will be taking action immediately by ordering new commercial-grade furniture to replace the outdated furniture after North Central stops taking donations. Commercial-grade furniture provides extra durability and is made to last at least fifteen years.  

Clay Commons’ current furniture has been there since Clay Commons was built in 2000. The worn out green chairs and wooden tables will be tossed out after spring semester.  

“Over the summer we will modernize [Clay Commons] for next year,” Redmann said.