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Money saving tips for the shopaholic

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Learn the best way to recreate your coffee shop favorite cheaper at Starbucks. Photo by Makenna.

Budgeting hacks for the every-day college student

Being a college student can sometimes be a struggle. We are expected to pay bills and live on our own soon after leaving home for school. There are a million expectations, that not everyone knows how to handle. For the time being, there may be a few answers to every college student’s problems.

There are a few different life hacks to saving money as you survive college. The first is for coffee, the Band-Aid for many college students’ motivation. The second one is for new clothes, where it’s possible for you can get new, trendy styles on a budget.

There is a cure for the coffee lover with slim a pocketbook. As fun as cute coffee shops can be, let’s talk basic. Starbucks is your answer–there are so many drinks that taste the same as an expensive, “frou-frou” drink.

For instance, if you love a good white mocha, try an Americano with white mocha sauce and room for cream. Same taste, way cheaper and here’s the kicker there’s more caffeine. You can get the drink hot or iced as well. If you like things a little sweeter, ask for ristretto shots instead of regular espresso shots.

A few other simple and less spendy orders would be: iced coffee (with your flavor of choice), a regular cup of brew coffee or cold brew. All of these have a regular amount of cream and will bless your wallet more than a caramel macchiato ever will.

A lot of people love buying a new item of clothing to make them feel better for a presentation or after a hard week, but a shirt’s price can be the same price of three meals, so is that really worth it? Probably not, especially if you find yourself asking your parents for money from month to month.

The answer to this first world problem is easy, the “Underground Target”. If you haven’t been there you may want to check it out. It is located in the basement of the Salvation Army on 4th St. in Minneapolis. The store gets brand new Target clothing that sells for 60-70% off the original price. It’s underrated and holds many cheap treasures for every college student’s wardrobe.

There always seems to be a cheaper alternative with the same level of quality. Help save your bank account one purchase at a time.