Big dreams for students and the Dream Big Fund

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Big dreams for students and the Dream Big Fund

Opportunity to host events promoting unity among students

The Dream Big Fund has been in place for the last 8 to 10 years, but is fairly unknown and rarely used. The goal of this fund supply funding for creative projects designed to develop unity within the student body at North Central. A total of $3,500 is available for student grants for projects across campus.

Any student is able to apply for a grant to fund ideas for bringing the campus together. Grant applications can be found in the student life tab on Skyline or through campus resident directors. After submitting an application, students present a layout of the idea or event, projected numbers, event goals, and a requested number of funds to the student government executive board. The members of the board will review the student’s ideas with them, ask questions, and figure out important details.

One upcoming project supported by the Dream Big Fund is the Render Christm‘ish’ party scheduled for Dec. 8. The event organizers received a $1,000 grant to create a free event for students to come together to celebrate the Christmas season.

Money for the fund is supplied from an amount of money factored into students’ tuition costs. A small percentage goes into a fund for student life activities which the Dream Big Fund supports such as the Student Activity Committee and Render.

“The goal is to have students empowered to empower others,” Hunter Costello, student body president, said.

New applications and petitions are allowed every month. Throughout the year there are numerous opportunities to apply for this grant money and make something happen.

“It bridges gaps,” Costello said, “and the committee is always looking for students [to apply].”