North Central sees increase in liquor and drug law violations on campus

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North Central sees increase in liquor and drug law violations on campus

Annual security report shows campus criminal activity statistics 

Crime is everywhere, and North Central is no exception. The most common violations that occur on campus are thefts or burglaries. These recently peaked in 2015 when there were six burglaries and a car theft on campus. There was a recent spike in liquor law and drug law violations on campus with seven and nine incidents respectively being reported in 2016. 

Despite these violations, North Central security strives to keep the students and faculty as safe as possible. 

“Our goal, and our prayer, is each day our team will do our best to assist with safety on our campus, and our university community members will do their part by supporting campus rules and being mindful as they are out and about in our urban neighborhood,” James Crabtree, director of campus safety and security, said. 

Each year North Central releases the “Annual Security Report and Fire Safety Report” that shows statistics of the crimes committed on and near campus throughout the past three years. This year’s report lists offenses from 2014, 2015 and 2016. This report is accessible to all members of the North Central community and includes statistics on, but not limited to, thefts, drug and alcohol misconduct, and sexual assaults and offenses. It also keeps track of offenses like homicides, manslaughter, and arson; none of which North Central has had any reported cases of in the last three years. 

The perpetrators of these crimes are often thought to be people that make their way onto campus from the street, like when Chris Woelfle, Carlson Hall resident director, had his apartment burglarized in recent years.  

“Suspects were seen gaining access into the school from off the street, but couldn’t be confirmed at the scene of the crime,” said Woelfe regarding his burglary case.  

However, unless there is absolute and undeniable proof of guilt, many of these crimes are left open-ended with no convictions or disciplinary actions being taken. In instances where it’s a North Central student that is found to be guilty, there are steps North Central faculty will take to resolve the issue. 

When an accusation is brought to light, the first step is always to offer the accused student a chance to meet with their respective resident director to voice their side of the story, in case of misinformation or miscommunication in the process.  

“There have been some spiteful false accusations in the past,” said Woelfe. 

North Central handles each situation very carefully and as fairly as possible. If the guilt of a student is proven there are an array of ways the school will respond depending on the severity of the crime and how the guilty party responds to accusations. This ranges from a verbal warning to dismissal from campus. Instances where guilty students are putting themselves or others in danger are typically the violations that are dealt with the most severely. 

If the guilty party complies with the school, they will typically face softer repercussions. These include counseling, writing apology letters, or forfeiting student leadership positions, sports teams, etc.  

“The whole process is meant to be educational and supportive [for the students involved],” Woelfe said. 

Individuals who see or hear of crimes happening on campus are encouraged to contact the security emergency line as soon as possible at 612-343-4444.