Café Meow Bringing Cats and Coffee to Minneapolis

lowres, the owner of Café Meow

Uptown residents welcome new neighbors,The Café Meow, where customers can drink coffee with some cat company. Photo provided by The Cafe Meow.

The Café Meowcoffee shop, is soon to be opening their doors in Uptown Minneapolis

Pairing the local coffee shop with the local animal shelter, The Café Meow is bringing Minnesota’s first ever cat café experience to Uptown Minneapolis this fall.  

The café signed a lease to 2317 Hennepin Ave. at the beginning of this October, according to The Café Meow’s Instagram post.  

“I was looking for a business to build near the end of my university career,” co-owner of The Café Meow, Jessica Burge, said  

Burge and co-owner Danielle Rasmussen have been trying to start the café in Minneapolis since 2014, according to the Star Tribune. Burge had been looking into possible business start-up opportunities when she found Purina One’s pop up cat café in New York City, which sparked the idea to begin one of her own, according to The Café Meow’s website. 

The cafe will consist of two separate areas: the cat room and the cafe. “You can come order some cat time with your coffee,” Burge said. Customers can visit the cats before or after having coffee. There is also the option of only playing with the cats. No coffee drinking necessary.  

“We will be supporting our local shelters by providing housing for some of their cats temporarily,” according to The Café Meows website. “The cat population provided by our partner shelters will be shifted every quarter if they are not adopted before then. The goal being more cats will have exposure and in turn, find a good home.” Being able to adopt the cats from the café is a new concept that Burge hopes will be “something that could benefit the cities by providing a unique place that could really do some good for bringing up adoption rates of cats.” 

The Café Meow is planning on “working with local roasters, tea-suppliers, farms, and bakeries to deliver a sustainable experience to our customers. All our coffees and teas will be Fair Trade Certified and organic,” states The Café Meow website. “The Cafe Meow believes in the local businesses of Minnesota and has created partnerships to provide all the cafe needs.”  

Burge has several goals planned for the cafe starting with helping to get shelter cats adopted especially long-term rescue cats and older cats. The other main goal is to support small and growing local businesses. “To do that we are getting our coffee beans, treats, teas and most of our other products from local businesses,” Burge said. Supporting The Café Meow supports the community of Minneapolis. 

When the café is to open has not yet been determined. “Once we have all our permits for build out and licensing approved it will be easier to provide an estimated timeline. We will keep everyone updated on social media, through our blog,” Burge said. 

Follow the journey of The Café Meow on Instagram and Facebook, as Minneapolis get its first ever cat café.