The Commons, the Suburbia within Minneapolis

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The Commons, the Suburbia within Minneapolis


The youngest Elliot Park residents appreciate the new playground at Commons Park. Photo by Samantha Burgum.

The Commons is a place that was created to provide a place for gathering outdoors in downtown Minneapolis. In 2015, the city hired a team to design and build to make the Commons come to life near U.S. Bank Stadium.

Today is an established city park holding numerous events to cater to the people of the community. It’s a great place to celebrate the Vikings before and after the games.

The Commons recently held a concert by the Minnesota Orchestra, that some North Central students attended.

“This event was so fun.” Rebecca Hammond, a North Central senior, said. It was free, the music was amazing and so many people from the community gathered together for it.”


North Central students enjoying a beautiful day outside at the new Commons Park across from the U.S. Bank Stadium. Photo by Samantha Burgum.

Hammond said she is grateful for the park and community this event held as well as extreme support for the arts. The concert will be happening again next fall.

The park also has many activities within the space. There is a lot of open grass to hold yard games. The park keeps different sporting equipment there for people to use as well. There are many different benches and areas to sit and enjoy the scenery and community around the park.

“This area has been so easy to just take my kids to, there are books, games, coloring, and outdoor time all in one and I have enjoyed having it in walkable distance,” an Elliot Park resident said.

The park also has bird nests that were built for many different breeds of birds to live in, so there is a constant chirping noise, making the park feel more suburban than it is. It holds farmer’s markets throughout the summer as well as different workout classes.

A few upcoming events listed on the Commons website, including, “Bike with a Ranger” – where people can go on a bike ride down by the Mississippi and learn about the area from a park ranger.

There will be a new list of events coming soon for this Fall, again found on their website: