Students asked to leave for Super Bowl, questions remain

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Students asked to leave for Super Bowl, questions remain

North Central’s campus will be shut down between Jan. 26 at 12p.m. and Feb. 5 at 12p.m. due to the activity of the Super Bowl happening in Minneapolis. Students have been asked to leave campus during this time. Classes will not be held, no offices will be open and no faculty will be on campus.

North Central has a Super Bowl task force that is working closely with the Super Bowl Host Committee. The university’s campus will be occupied “for a variety of support functions” for the week leading up to America’s most watched sporting event of the year, according to an email from North Central’s communications department.

An informational meeting was held after chapel Tuesday, hosted by Todd Monger, executive director of student development. This was a time for students and other members of North Central’s community to be informed about the campus closure.

Some staff members will be continuing to work on campus, including some campus security and facilities management workers to keep up university operations and support the visitors using North Central’s facilities. No mention has been made regarding the name of the renter, due to confidentiality.

The visitors will primarily be using the College Life Center (CLC) and large assembly areas such as Trask Word and Worship Center on campus. Skyways connecting Carlson and Miller Halls will not be accessible, according to Monger.

“North Central, for ten days is not going to be North Central’s,” Monger said.

The Super Bowl task force is discussing the possibility of creating some kind of media-related story following the Super Bowl in which North Central is going to be a part of, related to how North Central helped pull-off the event, according to Monger.

There will be an application process for students who wish to stay on campus during the campus closure. Intention and application surveys will allow the Super Bowl task force to construct a vetting procedure to decide which students are able to stay and which cannot.

On-campus apartment residents are not required to leave. However, students will need additional identification while on campus.

“You will be required to wear significant credentials identifying you as being a vetted person within the community,” Monger said. “Because of the level of security that encompasses our entire region around here, the people that are in here need to make sure that they know who’s here and who’s supposed to be and who’s not.”

Some streets around North Central’s campus may be shut down, along with other areas of downtown near U.S. Bank Stadium. This closure is due to the Super Bowl being considered a National Special Security Event (NSSE), a designation made by the Department of Homeland Security.

There will be very limited parking on campus, Monger said. In order to accommodate for students that have vehicles and are approved to stay on campus, North Central is working with a church in the south-Minneapolis suburbs to provide parking spaces in an empty surface lot.

Vehicles parked in this lot will have to stay until the week is over. There will be shuttles to take students back and forth from campus to the parking lot.

Applications to stay on campus during the week are due Nov. 1. Notifications to students will be sent out Nov. 20 letting students know whether they are approved or denied to stay.

“Out of all of the things that are changing, we care about you, we care about your success here at North Central…and we also care about how we connect with the community,” Monger said. “The best way that I believe that we can serve our community is to get out of the way, so we can have a good experience.”