Scott Hagan inaugurated as North Central University’s 7th president

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Scott Hagan inaugurated as North Central University’s 7th president


On Friday September 29th North Central’s 7th President, Scott Hagan, was sworn in. Photo by Ericka Sura.

Scott Hagan was inaugurated as North Central 7th president in an official ceremony in the Lindquist Chapel Friday, Sept. 29, 2017. The stability of leadership at North Central has been championed by the administration in recent months and was celebrated at the inauguration ceremony well attended by distinguished guests, family and friends of Hagan, faculty, staff and students.

Classes were dismissed at 9:30am in lieu of the 10a.m.- 12p.m. ceremony. Following the processional of administration and faculty and a welcome from Dr. Andrew Denton, vice president of university relations. The North Central Worship Live band led worship from their “Always Remain” album released earlier this year. Dr. Don Tucker, vice president of academic affairs, opened the ceremony.

Notable speakers included Alton Garrison, assistant general superintendent of the Assemblies of God, John Jackson PhD, Kwame Anku, co-founder of Black Angel Tech Fund in Sacramento, California, Carol Massie-McCants, deacon of Real Life Church in Sacramento and Charles Crabtree, former assistant general superintendent of the Assemblies of God.

“President Hagan, I want to charge you and Karen to follow hard after Jesus,” John Jackson, president of William Jessup University, said via video message. “And NCU, you’ve got a new president. I want to suggest to you that as President and Mrs. Hagan follow Jesus, that you follow them. They are your leaders. God has established them there. They love you and care deeply for them.”

Hagan took his vow of commitment with Karen Hagan, his wife, holding the Bible. Those in attendance rose and applauded as Ron Bontrager, chair of the Board of Regents, placed the presidential hood and medal around Hagan’s neck. Dr. Gordon Anderson, former president of North Central University, asked those in attendance to remain standing and extend a hand toward the newly inaugurated president as he offered a prayer of commission.

“We thank God for the history of leadership that they bring to this office this day, but today is not about the past, it is about the future,” Anderson prayed. “O God, we pray the anointing of the Holy Spirit that has been on their lives will grow and develop and deepen for the days that are ahead.”

The newly inaugurated President thanked several family members, pastors, and friends as he briefly addressed the audience.

Hagan highlighted the second set of stones God commanded Joshua to place in the middle of the dry ground of the Jordan River before the waters closed back over the place where the leaders stood as the Israelites crossed over. Hagan sees North Central as a place that creates dry ground for students to pass over as they get to the place God has promised to them.

“I cannot believe that I get to do this and serve you [students], and to help create the conditions and stand in the middle of the Jordan,” Hagan said through tears as he shared a passage from Joshua 4:8-10.

Closing remarks were made by Dr. Doug Graham, vice president of spiritual life. The NCU Chorale, conducted by Larry Bach, sang a benediction before the recessional.