Netflix shows Stranger Things and Riverdale begin season two

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Netflix shows Stranger Things and Riverdale begin season two

Just like every year, as the homework load begins to set in, students begin to head back to their dorms and apartments after class to watch Netflix. Last year, the murmurs began about this one show: “Stranger Things.”

Stranger Things

“Stranger Things” is a Netflix original series featuring kids in a small Indiana town in the early 1980s. One of the four boys goes missing after hearing bizarre noises from inside his home while alone. Near the town, a girl with special powers escapes from a government research facility and joins together with the boys to help find their missing friend.

“The Stranger Things soundtrack is sick,” North Central sophomore Megan Muckenhirn said.

The shows received rave reviews, garnering an 8.9/10 on IMDb and 95% on Rotton Tomatoes.

Netflix is planning to drop season two of “Stranger Things” Oct. 27, shortly before Halloween. “I binge watched the entire [first] season in one day,” Tory Cortese, a North Central sophomore said. “The child actors are freaking amazing. Watch it.”

“This is going to be the greatest show in the history of shows…maybe ever,” North Central sophomore Robert Watson said.


“Riverdale”, a show that originally aired on the CW back in January of this year, according to IMDb, was added to Netflix in Spring of 2017 and North Central students noticed.

“The [first] season finale ended on such an intense note. I’m very intrigued on what they’re going to do for season two. I heard it’s going to be much darker and more mystery, with twists and turns.” North Central sophomore Melika Boutin said.

Riverdale is a dram that focuses on the main character, Archie, along with other characters from the Archie comics as they enter their sophomore year of high school in the midst of handling a murder-mystery.

The show’s second season aired on the CW earlier this month on Oct. 11.

“When I think of Riverdale all I can think of is how much homework won’t get done.” North Central junior Danielle Detlie said.

Whether it’s for procrastinating on homework, a lazy weekend or celebrating the achievement of finishing an assignment, catch these shows and more all on Netflix.