New Dean of Students driven to increase intentionality

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New Dean of Students driven to increase intentionality


Dr. Lewis Hatcher is North Central’s new Dean of Students. Photo by Ericka Sura.

Kicking off the year in his new position as Dean of Students at North Central, with a PhD. in psychology, Lewis Hatcher entered his role the weekend of North Central’s Super Saturday and has since been busy learning of all his duties. Hatcher’s wife, Chaka, has been teaching at North Central for the past two years as an assistant professor in the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Hatcher had been on the North Central campus multiple times before taking the position as Dean of Students, having been to Rams sporting events and Christmas concerts because of his wife’s job. Being “known, seen, and better understood by NCU students” is what Hatcher is hoping to achieve during the 2017-18 school year.

Through his work this year, Hatcher wants to stress the question, “what do the students want?” An important role as the Dean of Students is to oversee where the school’s federal requirements and beliefs are, along with going over school policies. Hatcher believes in making a space for student concerns.

He wants to know what students opinions are about life at North Central, address those concerns and take action, so North Central students can feel that their voice can be heard. From policies like how many chapel skips one is allotted per semester, to the amounted hours of open dorms, to what time students believe curfew should be at, one can go to Hatcher to address concerns.

Hatcher plans to discuss school policies to give students feedback on why policies are the way they are. He wants students to answer as to why they believe certain policies are in place and then go to discuss changes the school could make on that policy and why.

Hatcher wants to let students know they can be heard. Students are the ones experiencing what it’s like to go to school at North Central, so Hatcher wants to be open ears for students. Students are being directly affected by North Central’s standards and policies.

One goal he has for this year is to make it to at least two home sporting events. By being part of student life and getting a better grasp on the NCU student culture, Hatcher hopes to “increase the amount of conversations between students about their concerns for North Central.”

Hatcher believes that one has to be there in order to be part of it, and that’s just what he’s going to encourage students to do, as well as himself.