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Evangelist and entertainer

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Kyle Jorris, North Central senior, is North Central’s SAC Director and has his own traveling children’s ministry. Photos courtesy of www.kylejorris.com

North Central senior, Kyle Jorris, is impacting small lives in big ways. Jorris is an Elementary Education Major on top of finishing up his college career and being the director of Student Activities Committee (SAC), he is traveling the country, speaking and engaging with children.

Jorris comes from a background of children’s ministers.

“My parents have been in full-time children’s ministry for 35 plus years,” Jorris said. “They were children’s evangelists in the late 80’s and early 90’s, traveling the entire country as speakers at kid’s camps, churches and community outreaches.”

He recalls accompanying them on their travels and crediting them for his skills. “I traveled with them as a kid during the summers after they settled down as children’s pastors in Fort Wayne, Indiana,” Jorris said. “Almost all of my ministry skills were taught to me by my parents.”

Jorris’ ministry was birthed from the thought of not wanting to wait to evangelize and being equipped by his parents to do so, as a teen. Up until the age of 17, he worked with children in other ways, like entertaining at birthday parties and started building his ministry platform.

His summer before North Central was when the ministry began to take off. “I was invited to speak at five different churches in three different states,” Jorris said.

The ministry has grown a great deal since his freshman year, through networking, advertising, help from individuals on campus and also because the credibility of his family name.

Currently, he is booked every Sunday this semester and his travels are funded by the churches, organizations that schedule him, but it is a bit of juggle, with homework and his campus involvement.

“It’s so hard to manage school, my ministry and SAC at the same time. Everything is non-stop,” Jorris said. “But my professors are very understanding and the education department has helped me tremendously over the years.”

Jorris has preached to young audiences as small as four children, up to 4,000 children, but that is what keeps it exciting, he said.

“I get to speak to kids everywhere: big churches, church plants, or small town churches in the middle of nowhere who have maybe never had the chance to hear the gospel presented in such a fun, high quality and exciting way,” Jorris said. “The experiences that inspire me the most are not when adults come and compliment me on what I did, but when a child comes up to me and tells me they love me, or gives me a picture they drew, or asks to pray for me.”

When it comes to his priorities, Jorris’ says his ministry comes first.

“I love serving Jesus and leading kids to Christ more than I will ever love reading a text book,” Jorris said.

To book Kyle Jorris, view photographs and hear stories, visit his website at www.kylejorris.com.