H. Rose and the Nomads’ “Caesura” reaches completion

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H. Rose and the Nomads’ “Caesura” reaches completion

North Central alumni fund recording of their first EP with Kickstarter

Minneapolis based Americana band, H. Rose and the Nomads has been making strides to reach listeners by encompassing an Irish folk and early American country sound. With its original beginnings under the name Nomad, lead vocalist Hunter Baugh wanted their name to be more than just Nomad.

“It felt like there needed to be a personal stake in the name for me. My grandmother’s name is Rose, and she was a huge part of my early experiences with music,” said Baugh. “So when it came time to change the name, Rose seemed to fit perfectly.”

The name change was made official on New Year’s Eve and the band rebranded in order to launch their Kickstarter.

From Jan. 7 to Feb. 6, H. Rose and the Nomads utilized Kickstarter to fund the recording, creating physical copies and marketing of their new 6-track electronic product (EP): “Caesura”.

According to the band’s Kickstarter page description, Caesura is “a term used in ancient poetry and song, thought to indicate a breath or a break of some kind,” the web page says. The mystic silence to which the name alludes was the inspiration behind the album name.

“I started drafting for the Kickstarter in October, but it started on January 7 and was fully funded about halfway through our fundraising period,” Baugh said.

The band’s Kickstarter launched Jan. 7, 2017, and the fundraising goal of $1,500 was surpassed through donations. With the full amount reached, the band was able to book shows and begin the recording process immediately.

“I was so overwhelmed by the incredible support we got to make the album happen,” Baugh said. “That has been a wild ride.”

H. Rose and the Nomads has dedicated their time and efforts to construct songs that give the listener the feeling of being at a live show. The full recording of the Caesura was completed Feb. 18.

Rose and the Nomads will release their completed EP March 9 at the Icehouse, a restaurant and bar in Minneapolis. They also have two Minneapolis shows booked at the Pourhouse with other local artists on March 24 and May 12.

The band will continue to play gigs in the Minnesota area that will feature songs from their EP, and by 2018 they are looking to record and tour a full-length album.

For Baugh, the musical experience is more than making catchy music. “Make music with people who you love being around, not just who you love listening to,” Baugh said. “It is better to have a band full of great people who are good musicians, than incredible musicians who are selfish and shortsighted.”

Almost every member of H. Rose and the Nomads graduated from North Central. The band includes, Logan Ridpath, Courtney Strasburg, Dayton Brock, Alex Zamarripa, Eddie Almeida, Mimi Genheimer, Taylor Kropelin, Nathan Hirsh and Hunter Baugh.