Worship Live records 2017 album

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Worship Live records 2017 album

Worship Live performed a live recording of their third album since 2013 during North Central chapel sessions Jan. 24 through 27. Worship Live, a worship team made up of North Central students and recent graduates, has been hard at work since the fall to pull off the recording.

The album, titled Always Remain, will be mixed and produced by North Central alumnus Ben Gowell with input from Jeff Deyo, North Central worship arts specialist. Plans are in place for an iTunes prerelease of one single from the album during NCU days in March. The release of the entire album will follow on April 24.

Photo by Ericka Sura.
Mallory Lendl leads worship during a Worship Live recording chapel. Photo by Ericka Sura.

Under the direction of Jeff Deyo the Worship Live team arranged, rehearsed and performed the live recording of 12 original worship songs. Songs that will be on the recording have been written by North Central students, recent alumni, and faculty over the past several months. For Deyo, this is one of the critical aspects of creating the Worship Live recording.

“The number one element, as far as the practical side of things, is to have good songs,” Deyo said. “That is quite a process if we want songs that are born out of this school, which is what we want.”

Deyo wants original songs so the vision of sharing the daily worship experience of the North Central community can be authentically shared with others through the live recording.

“Here [in chapel] people are just going after the Lord,” Deyo said. “We could keep that to ourselves but…I think we do have something special that the Lord has given us and if other people can benefit or be encouraged by that, what a blessing.”

Photo by Kristin Wileman.
The live recording of the Worship Live album captures both the worship team’s music as well as the North Central audience. Photo by Kristin Wileman.

Deyo oversees the process of selecting student musicians to be a part of the Worship Live recording team. Deyo has already auditioned students during their North Central application process and works with them as a professor. The time commitment for the students is heavy, so Deyo ensures that students want to participate before confirming their role on the team.

Under Deyo’s oversight, the assembled team members take the songs that have been selected for the recording and create arrangements for them. Working together to collectively decide how each song is going to sound is a process that takes a significant amount of time to evolve.

Ben Ady, a graduate of North Central with a Music Pastor degree, played acoustic guitar and performed vocals on the Worship Live team. He found the process of arranging the music for the songs to be one of the most challenging parts of the endeavor.

“It is hard learning 12 songs that aren’t songs yet,” Ady said. “We haven’t figured out how they are going to sound…It is a lot of memorization, and creating something from scratch. There is nothing you can reference. We have a melody, and a couple of chords.”

Tayhler Miranowski, a senior Music Pastor major and vocalist on the Worship Live recording team, hopes that chapel attendees from the live recording week and those who listen to the finished recording gain a new perspective on God.

“It is so easy to get caught up in the routine of what God is going to do, and what we expect Him to do,” Miranowski said. “If we step out of our comfort zone, and we are willing to be vulnerable and feel uncomfortable in God’s presence, it helps us take the limitations off God.”

Deyo is excited about what the students have been able to accomplish as they have worked to bring this album to fruition, but they haven’t worked alone.

“As we’ve worked, [God] has multiplied our efforts,” Deyo said. “We are going to bring what we have. In the scope of things it really isn’t much; a few songs, a few guitar notes, it’s not going to change the world by itself. If we put those things into the Father’s hands, He multiplies the impact and we get to be a little part of a big thing.”