North Central’s Michelle Stevens kick-starts her upcoming EP

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North Central’s Michelle Stevens kick-starts her upcoming EP

Michelle Stevens, a recent graduate of North Central, is making a name for herself as an indie pop artist.

As a recording artist major at North Central, Stevens gained knowledge in music theory and history. Her professors gave her the foundation needed in order to become the artist she wanted to be. But she wanted to do more than just know — she wanted to make her own music.

In 2015, Stevens stepped toward launching her music career under the name MISCH as part of her senior project. During this time, she released her first single Maybe. To fund the project, Stevens utilized Kickstarter, a website that allows people to pledge money toward fundraising projects. The program operates on an all-or-nothing basis, though, so when Stevens’ goal of $15,000 was not met between Mar. 10, 2015 and Apr. 9, 2015, she was unable to retrieve the pledged support. Despite this setback, Stevens knew her journey in music was far from over.

Album artwork for Luna Luna’s debut and self-titled album, arriving this Spring. Photo courtesy of Michelle Stevens.

On Oct. 20, 2016, Stevens, formerly known as MISCH, announced a new project under a new name: Luna, Luna. Further knowing the intricacies of the system, she also launched a new Kickstarter with a goal of $13,000 to fund her upcoming EP, which would include three new songs, flights to California, brand design and merchandise.

“Even though it was going to take a lot of work, it was what I wanted to do,” Stevens said.

By Nov. 20, the end of the Kickstarter time period, Stevens had raised over $8,000 from supporters and personally fronted the remaining $5,000 to secure the funding for her overall goal.

The successful fundraising endeavor will now fund the recording of three songs with music producer, Jeff Schneewies of Lael Sounds in Redding, California. Schneewies produced Stevens’ recent single Weakness, which was released two days before the Kickstarter was launched. Schneewies has produced music for bands such as Anberlin, Cry of the Afflicted and Bethel Music.

Stevens will be heading to California Feb. 12 to spend two weeks mixing, mastering and collaborating with Schneewies to finish her EP.

Despite the journey this has been for Stevens, she is excited about the future possibilities in reaching people through her music.

“Be sure that this is something that you want,” Stevens said. “Believe beyond what you are capable of and pray a lot”

Luna, Luna’s new EP will be released later this spring, you can listen to the single from the album, Weakness, below.

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