Letter from the Editor: Give Trump a chance to succeed

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Letter from the Editor: Give Trump a chance to succeed

President Trump has been in office for nearly three weeks, and his approval ratings are low enough to make anyone concerned. Trump’s weekly approval rating following his first two weeks averaged 45 percent, according to Gallup data. Previous presidents in recent history have seen significantly higher ratings in the February after their first inauguration: Barack Obama sat at 64 percent, George W. Bush at 59 percent, Bill Clinton at 55 percent.

It doesn’t take official statistics to know that Trump is unpopular. I have recently been astounded at how many people on both sides of the partisan aisle are unwilling to discuss the dichotomous political atmosphere. Though many are swift to chime in on Facebook threads or dismantle the opinions of the other side, few are able to state the rationale behind their own political beliefs. Even worse, many rely on disreputable trending articles, many of which are steeped in bias that only blur the truth.

The near frenzy of Trump adversaries has particularly been fueled by the executive orders issued the last few weeks—nearly all of which have been discussed and foretold since Trump announced his candidacy approximately 19 months ago.

Additionally, it is commonplace for newly inaugurated presidents to issue multiple executive orders early in their presidency, according to The American Presidency Project. In his first two weeks, Trump issued eight orders; in 2009, Obama issued nine. The only president to never publish an executive order was William Henry Harrison, who died of pneumonia on his 32nd day in office.

It seems Trump’s critics are attempting to seize any straw that could possibly formulate enough scandal to squelch his power before he has a chance to begin governing. Not only is information necessary in this murky age of information, but also a wisdom that separates truth from emotional projection.

Regardless of ideology or a supposed denial of his presidency, Donald Trump will sit at the helm of our United States for the next 47 months. Let’s cut the hysteria and give him a chance to succeed.