Antioch and Enactus collaborate through entrepreneurship event

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Antioch and Enactus collaborate through entrepreneurship event

On Jan. 26, The Antioch Initiative, Enactus and North Central’s school of business co-sponsored an event that promoted the growth of entrepreneurial ideas within the school.

Before the event, five distinct student groups prepared business plans in hopes of winning the highly desired seed money, funds to launch a business. The two winning teams each received $750. At the end of the semester, the team with the highest revenue will receive a $1000 scholarship.

Winning teams Third Culture and Unbounded take a group photo along with the judges and Nick Robertson. Photo by Kathryn Hoffland.

Nick Robertson, North Central’s Antioch director, proposed this event to the School of Business in 2016. He believes that by supporting all students in their unique giftings, unity in the church can increase.

“The Antioch Initiative is for everybody and we want to continue to work with all parts of the school to help students be a part of the Great Commission,” Robertson said.

For this endeavor, The Antioch Initiative worked with Bill Tibbetts, dean of the school of business, and Enactus for the organization and promotion of the event. The Antioch Initiative provided the seed money for the two winning groups.

“The school of business is in full support of what the Antioch Initiative is doing,” Tibbetts said. “This is an opportunity to show how business can be practically involved with missions. The reason we selected the companies that we did was because we felt that both helped advance the agenda of the Antioch Initiative.”

One of the winning teams, Third Culture, is a fashion company that allows consumers to buy desired T-shirts with customizable pockets in order to have control of their own image. The team members include Josue Boutouli, Matt Vang and Dennis Morales.

“We all grew up in the US with the mentality that we were different so it’s like we were a third culture,” Boutouli said. “We are all into fashion so we wanted to create a product where a person can showcase their individual culture.”

Unbounded, the other winning team, will provide consumers with socially responsible and high quality jewelry that is both stylish and convenient to the consumers. They will execute their plan through a simple to use, online platform. A portion of the business proceeds will also go toward helping women start businesses. Unbounded is made up of Emily Bradley, Victoria Anderson and Madison Norman.

Tibbetts believes the entrepreneurship program is a pivotal part of the business program’s future and critical to developing student within the majors.

“We want to fund businesses,” Tibbetts said. “The University of Minnesota might fund one student business per year. We have funded several already and this is another opportunity to do that. The School of Business believes in giving a practical, hands on and valuable education, and this is a part of that.”