Top 15 finals week confessions

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Top 15 finals week confessions

At the end of last semester, North Central students took to Facebook to depict their finals week struggles using the hashtag #finalsweekconfessions.

The following are the top 15 posts:

  1. Dear Netflix, of course I’m still watching. And now I have to emerge from my homework mountain to find the remote. Stop judging me. #finalsweekconfessions

—Gabrielle Pearson

  1. When devotions start describing your life during finals …. “There was no rest for us. We faced conflict from every direction, with battles on the outside and fear on the inside” 2 Corinthians 7:5

—Peneal Tina Tiruneh

  1. #FinalsWeekConfessions
    I may or may not have fallen asleep while my professor was praying before our final…

—Karina Adair

  1. I just fell asleep in the shower……. twice #FinalsWeekConfessions

—Luke Bjur

  1. #finalsweekconfessions I just put my glasses in a full glass of chocolate milk without realizing it…

—Rebecca Woolsey

  1. #finalsweekconfessions Every time I have done something weird this week, I just mutter “FINALS” and everyone nods in understanding.

—Charity Last

  1. I’ve decided I’m gonna drop out of school to either start a Christmas band or start driving monster trucks. Cya NCU!! #finalsweekconfessions

—Renee Priola

  1. #finalsweekconfessions I spent the last two hours shopping for Christmas gifts online (even though I’m broke lol) and I should totally be sleeping. —Jessica Hutchens
  1. #FinalsWeekConfessions May or may not have creeped on my middle school crush for a half hour last night. May or may not have a crush on him again.

—Elizabeth VanderPloeg

  1. Every time I go to sleep, I get married in my dreams. I’ve married four different men now. I don’t know whether to blame the stress of finals week or the medicine I’m taking. #finalsweekconfessions

—Kalie Tripp

  1. #FinalsWeekConfessions When you check three times to make sure your paper that’s due says “Submitted” on Moodle…

—Josiah Mayo

  1. Was late for early morning meeting. Walks down first flight of stairs. Looks down. No pants. Runs back up stairs. #finalsweekconfessions

—Courtney Benson

  1. #FinalsWeekConfessions I accidentally drank sour milk the other day, but I was sitting front row during Joseph Capehart’s Senior Project Presentation, & so I had no choice but to swallow. Save your tastebuds & clean your fridges, yo.

—Anissa Godfrey

  1. #FinalsWeekConfessions The most useful thing I’ve learned in college is how to quiet my breathing so that nobody knows how much of a struggle it is to climb a flight of stairs.

—Bekkah Hovland

  1. #FinalsWeekConfessions I have been living off of pizza for 4 days straight. I’m so full of sodium that I’m starting to feel like Lot’s wife.

—Caroline Ristola