Top 10 opinion pieces of 2016

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Top 10 opinion pieces of 2016

Here are the most popular opinion pieces published by The Northerner in 2016:

  1. Mass incarceration’s harmful impact on American society

Prison begins a process of dehumanization and projects a label that does not fade after terms are served. The economic hurdle incarceration embodies is heart breaking, yet society remains callous toward it.

  1. Abortion: an enraging injustice

Kristin Wileman argues that abortion is an act of discrimination. All humans should have the opportunity to live.

  1. All babies want to get born’d

Joseph Capehart believes abortion is more of a complex issue than pro-choice vs. pro-life. Christians need to have conversations surrounding the role of poverty in the overarching abortion narrative.

  1. Bad art is bad, even if it is Christian

Hunter Baugh states his belief that those curating Christian content generally do it for the money — and often neglect excellence while doing so.

  1. Welcoming refugees: it’s our duty

Miriam Barnhart believes it is the moral responsibility of Christians to care for refugees.

  1. I’m with her: an endorsement for Hillary Clinton

Christian Morris states that Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate in recent presidential history.

  1. Why I’m voting for Donald Trump

Ken Schrock sees Donald Trump as the best option for president because of his business knowledge and outsider perspective.

  1. Mental health issues are rising

Melissa Carlson draws from personal experience and heavy research to discuss the church’s relationship with mental illness.

2. Why we reported on the Nelson termination

Following an investigation surrounding the termination of two North Central professors, three journalists challenge students, faculty and administration to transparency and understanding.

  1. Letter to the Editor: A note concerning my dad, Jake Smith

Isaac Smith shares his view of North Central after his father was terminated from being the dean of residence life.