Heath Adamson fills the Moen Chair for Pentecostal Preaching  

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Heath Adamson fills the Moen Chair for Pentecostal Preaching  

Through established preaching Chair, students continue to have access to Pentecostal leaders in the classroom and pulpit

The Ernest J. Moen Chair for Pentecostal Preaching was established at North Central in 2002. Named after a former Board of Regents chairman, the Moen Chair is made possible through an endowment that provides the resources needed to bring leaders from across the nation to North Central each semester. Since its creation, 31 influential individuals have filled the Moen Chair.

This academic year the Moen Chair will be the same individual for both semesters rather than a different individual each semester.

Heath Adamson, the national youth director for the Assemblies of God, will fill the Moen Chair through the spring 2017 semester. Adamson earned his bachelor’s degree in youth ministry from North Central, and his master’s degree from Evangel University in leadership.

The Moen Chair preaches in chapel services and presents in a variety of classes related to spiritual formation, leadership, pastoral ministry, youth ministry and children’s ministry. The Moen Chair is also a resource to students for church leadership and education.

In the past the Moen Chair has primarily focused on modeling preaching for students. This year, the idea arose to invite an individual to fill the Moen Chair for two semesters who would be a representation of leadership as well as preaching.

“North Central is committed not only to educating students academically, but we are also committed to having people come to campus who exemplify those things that we teach in theory in the classroom,” said Doug Graham, vice president of spiritual life at North Central.

As the Moen Chair, Adamson visits campus three times during each semester. In addition to presenting in various classes, Adamson preaches in chapel services while he is on campus. During Adamson’s most recent visit, he preached in chapel Nov. 16 and 17 on what it means to be a Pentecostal in the 21st century.

“Being a Pentecostal means that we possess a radical willingness to unlearn,” Adamson said during one of his chapel messages.

Adamson used the biblical figure of Paul as an example to show that what Paul had learned up to the point of his conversion to Christianity had to be unlearned as he began his ministry.

When sharing the value of the Moen Chair for Pentecostal Preaching, Graham emphasized the importance of a leader influencing the next generation by developing relationships and being someone that students can relate to, instead of just having a celebrity type persona.

“Most important is our ability to more deeply influence people as a result of them really getting to know us, and that is what the Moen Chair allows for us to do,” Graham said.

In addition to interacting with students, in recent semesters North Central has hosted forums with the Moen Chair for local pastors to come together for discussion about current issues in Pentecostal leadership.

“[The forums] help us at North Central to keep our awareness of what the current challenges are specifically in church leadership so that we in our educating are addressing the issues that are relevant and that our students upon graduation are going to face,” Graham said.

Graham was positive about the future of the Moen Chair position at North Central as well as the opportunity to present students with relevant Pentecostal preaching and leadership models in the coming semesters.