Beloved brings Christmas cheer to the juvenile detention center

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Beloved brings Christmas cheer to the juvenile detention center

External campus ministry writes cards to reach adolescent girls

Christmas is coming and carols are heard everywhere. Most people spend Christmas with their families, yet there are many unable to. There are various organizations trying to spread Christmas cheer to people who have no one to spend it with. Beloved is one of them.

Beloved, North Central’s external organization for women’s ministry, hosted an event for female students to write Christmas letters to occupants of Hennepin County’s juvenile detention center.

An external campus ministry, Beloved decided to write cards to the female occupants of the Hennepin County Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) as part of an event they called “Joy for JDC.” Over the noon hour on Dec. 5, female students had the opportunity to write notes of encouragement and Christmas joy to the occupants of the detention center.

The goal was to have North Central women write 35 cards to give to the girls in the JDC. The goal was greatly surpassed at the event. Simply put, it is “women writing cards to bless other women in our community,” said Anissa Godfrey, director of Beloved. Godfrey wanted Joy for JDC to be something where North Central women could connect to each other and to the community outside of the university. A staff member at the detention center said this was the first time anyone had thought to write Christmas cards to the girls in the center.

Located five blocks from North Central, the JDC holds 87 beds for any offenders under 18 years of age. Godfrey considers this a great opportunity to think outside the walls of the university and minister to individuals right down the street. Beloved plans to continue building a relationship with the detention center throughout the spring semester.

“We have such an opportunity to meet the gap in these girls’ lives and pour a sense of worth into them during a time in their lives where society tells them they’ve lost value because of their mistakes,” Godfrey said. “Our Holiday cards aim to sow that value back into the girls, showing them that they are still loved by the Elliot Park community.”

Founded and run by Godfrey, Beloved was started in the fall of 2014 and is directed specifically towards young women discovering their identity and beauty in Christ.

“This is an opportunity to show the youth that they still have value to us, their neighbors, and that they will be loved when they get out of the JDC,” Godfrey said.