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NCU fashion watch: Makenna and Caleb

Cold weather street style

Winter arrived late this year, but there is no denying the bite the air now holds. This makes it an incredible time to play around with your wardrobe. We are not far enough from fall to tuck those light pieces away, but being so close to winter, throw some of those chunky pieces in the mix!

Makenna Heitman and Caleb Cruse are great examples of North Central students who are taking advantage of the weather in its interesting stage. Both bring a street style look to the spotlight.

Makenna Heitman

fashion-calebPersonal style description: “I really like pieces that make me feel confident and a little edgy. This calling for a lot of black and minimalist pieces. I am really into the whole 90’s look that is coming back and denim!”

Style inspiration: “I don’t have a specific inspiration but I do look to street fashion a lot. I look at Urban Outfitters a lot for ideas.”

Why do you wear what you wear? “I wore an outfit that makes me feel real good. I love the way everything fits together. Mostly everything is black, or a dark grey and I like how I can add a pop of color with a lipstick, or jewelry.”

What are your go-to shops? “I don’t normally look to one store to find things but I do hit up an H&M, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Nordstrom’s Rack and Forever21 for good prices.”

Favorite pieces: “My favorite item I wore was my leather jacket. It was such a good deal and I feel good in it! It keeps me warm and ready for anything.”

Makenna’s Look:

Black Leather Jacket: $30 at Marshall’s

Grey Sweater: $6 at WAL-MART

Black Ripped Jeans: $25 at Cotton-On

Black Booties: Originally from H&M for $35. Found at Plato’s Closet for $14.


Caleb Cruse

fashion-calebPersonal style description: “I drift more towards an urban feel. That’s what I feel most comfortable in.”

Style inspirations: “My style comes from a collaboration of what is trending. I like to be knowledgeable in new stuff then put my own spin on it.”

Why do you wear what you wear? “The look I was going for in the shoot was my on take on urban wear. The things I wear are simply what I feel myself in.”

What are your go-to shops? “For cold weather I like to look at various places: Urban outfitters, H&M and Zara typically.”

Favorite piece: “I would say my favorite piece are the Jordans.”

Caleb’s Look

Chaps Hoodie: $65 at Urban Outfitters

Denim Jacket: $35 at H&M

Jeans: $20 at Forever 21

Jordan’s by Nike: $120