Soccer captains seek to build team culture

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Soccer captains seek to build team culture

Women’s soccer adjusts to multiple changes kicked their direction

The North Central women’s soccer team started the season mid-August with some unexpected changes to their program. The unknown number of incoming players and sudden renaming of captains were factors that played into the team’s standing at this point in the season.

Captains Dakotah Sparrman and Linnea Madsen said that it is difficult having fluctuating player numbers. Even though they knew they had low numbers at the start of the season, they began to see the difficulties as practices began. Sparrman stated the team cannot do full field drills, intense practices, eight-on-eight scrimmages, or the drills needed to prepare for games.

Not only do the women have to adjust to players coming and going during practices because of other commitments, but just a week before the season started, Madsen found out that her previous co-captain would no longer be available to play for the season. Sparrman was named captain a few weeks later.

Madsen and Sparrman are working to create a healthy and fun team culture. Though the preseason events did not play out as anticipated, Madsen is seeking to ensure the culture of the program is the best it can be. Through the tides of the season, the captains are learning what it means to be leaders.

“You have to be on your game at all times because if your team doesn’t know what to do or what they’re doing, then you have to,” Sparrman stated. “They rely on you for that.”