North Central partners with Act Six urban leadership initiative

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North Central partners with Act Six urban leadership initiative

The North Central cadre of Act Six students arrives on campus for the fall semester

Several months after committing to partner with urban leadership initiative, Act Six, North Central University welcomed its first group of Act Six scholars on campus for the fall semester.

Through the partnership with Act Six, North Central entered a four-year contract for the current cadre of seven students, including a financial commitment of an eight semester, full-tuition scholarship for each of the students.

Bill Green, director of multicultural and international affairs at North Central, said Dr. Anderson and some senior administrators began looking at the Act Six program several years ago.

“The Act Six program speaks very pointedly to our mission [at North Central]: preparing students to be biblical models of leadership and ministry in the world,” Green said.

The scholarships are very competitive, and the process begins long before the students set foot on their future college campus. Applicants go through three phases; essays, group dynamic activities, and acceptance to specific colleges.

Peneal Tiruneh, one of the Act Six students at North Central, said phase two of the application process, a series of group-dynamic evaluations, brought a lot of self-doubt.

“There are constantly opportunities to be rejected during the process,” Tiruneh said.

However, Tiruneh focused on something bigger as she faced the challenges of the application process, “Everything that Act Six stands for worked right into my goals in life,” Tiruneh said. “I believed I could contribute to that mission.”

Juliann Cole, a double major in youth development and social work, is another member of the North Central cadre. Cole’s determination to ease the financial burden of college and represent her family well through her involvement with Act Six have turned into a passion about higher education access.

“At North Central I just want to learn how to represent Christ in the work place,” Cole said as she summed up her thoughts on settling into her four years here at North Central. “This school is a really good place, I would rather learn here than anywhere else.”