New campus flooring, entrance updated by facilities management

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New campus flooring, entrance updated by facilities management

Various campus upgrades made over summer break

The newly resurfaced gymnasium floor.

This summer, facilities management took on several major projects throughout campus including renovating the concrete walkway in front of Miller Hall, resurfacing the gymnasium floor and installing carpet replacement throughout Phillipps Hall.

In the planning stages of redoing the Miller Hall ramp, facilities management received encouragement from the marketing and admissions departments to make the entrance into more of a decorative piece.

“We completely demolished the concrete, and decided to do a more decorative, high impact statement on the front,” said Jordan Robertson, associate director of facilities management. “We had a goal of getting rid of the ramp that was previously there because it was a bit unsafe. We wanted to make sure that we had the safest possible entrance.”

The new ramp now welcomes visitors to North Central’s main building with a sepia brick walkway.

The gymnasium floor needed to be modified because of an update to NCAA guidelines, so it was decided that summer was an opportune time to make the change.

“We had to change it anyway, so we said ‘why not make it a statement?’” Robertson said. The Minneapolis skyline now adorns the gym floor, giving it a classic North Central look. This project was done in conjunction with the athletics and housekeeping departments.

In addition to these projects, facilities management replaced carpet in the Phillipps Hall lobby, hallways, stairs and lounges.

“The carpet in Phillipps Hall was the original carpet from the building’s construction in 2000… the replacement was well past due,” Jay Vetter, director of facilities management said.

Facilities management has plans to replace carpet in Phillipps Hall suites and individual rooms next summer, if budget permits.

This year, facilities management will continue campus upgrades with stabilization repairs to the west parking ramp (across from the chapel), a continued project to rekey campus and an eventual replacement of the Carlson Hall roof.

By Nathan Wileman and Elizabeth VanderPloeg