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Facebook phenomena NCU Blind Dates aims to help people find love

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On September 19, the game for dating at North Central University was vastly changed by an anonymous student known as “The Matchmaker.” This person created a Facebook profile and rapidly began adding people from around the school to announce the introduction of NCU Blind Dates.

This profile skyrocketed in popularity within a matter of hours. By the end of the night students all over campus were dedicated to discover the identity of the person behind the profile. To the chagrin of many, The Matchmaker continues to be anonymous, but the need to find out within the students has died down.

A few days after the launch, NCU Blind Dates released a JotForm survey —the application process to sign up for a blind date. The application contains general questions like name, age, gender, class standing and major. There are also more questions about hobbies, words to describe one’s self and even a description of an ideal date. Through this application, The Matchmaker is able to configure which students are right for each other and set them up on dates.

Gerson Reyes, a junior music pastor major, courageously signed up for a blind date not long after the form was released. When he received an email notifying him of his match, he had a variety of emotions.

“The email said that I had a match and that I was going to go to Five Watt Coffee,” Reyes said. “It told me to be wearing blue so my date would know it was me…I got there before she did so I was really trying to keep my nerves down. Since I didn’t know who it was, I was trying to just keep an open mind and go with the flow.”

To Reyes’ surprise, the date went extremely well. They ended up following up the coffee date with an evening of jazz at the Reverie. “

“She’s a great girl and I definitely had a great time, so I asked her on a second date. I really do think this was a success!” Reyes said.

Reyes was one of the several applicants who had a successful date. In an interview, The Matchmaker stated that over 20 dates have been scheduled at the time, with more to come. Two couples have had successful experiences, three individuals have been stood up, and the rest have had a great time, but felt no pressure to immediately enter a dating relationship — an idea that has plagued many relationships at North Central.

The Matchmaker initially began the Facebook page because they thought it would be “a good campus wide program to break some stereotypes of dating and maybe help some people find love as a result.”

Many people have viewed this as a way to play practical jokes on friends. Regardless of this, though, anyone who fills out an application is assigned a date. “The trolls will be trolled,” The Matchmaker said.

NCU Blind Dates is currently delayed due to JotForm issues. It will soon be up and running once again, though, and will continue providing ways for students to have fun, meet new people around campus or find a future spouse.

With all issues aside though, NCU Blind Dates is a fun, interesting way to have a great time and possibly even meet someone new from around campus. Once the new application form is up, it will give students another chance to try out NCU Blind Dates and give previous dates another shot.

By Shayne Fuller and Kristin Wileman