NCU Alumni visit chapel during Homecoming week

Professional lasix online News NCU Alumni visit chapel during Homecoming week
NCU Alumni visit chapel during Homecoming week

NCU Chorale sings; Dr. Anderson speaks at Homecoming chapel

The entrance to the Trask Worship centered decorated for Homecoming.

Gordon Anderson instructed attendees to reach out and take the hand of the person seated next to them during Homecoming chapel on Oct. 14 as he used this picture of being close to someone to illustrate the constant presence of Jesus in the Christian’s life.

After a time of engaging chapel worship, Larry Bach conducted the chorale in a special music presentation of “Precious Lord,” a song that the chorale has sang for years at North Central, originally written by Thomas Dorsey.

Anderson opened his message by recognizing the alumni in attendance for the chapel service, and reminisced about memories from years past.

Anderson sought to both encourage and exhort his listeners as he preached on the necessity of daily Christian disciplines.

“This whole thing about the condition of your soul… is not just a narrow range of possibilities,” Anderson said.

Quoting from several Bible passages, including Galatians 5:13-25 and Hebrews 3:12-15, Anderson highlighted the contrasting conditions of the soul, showing students and alumni these conditions “are outrageously polar.”

“Every day you and I must take care that we are moving, little by little, toward Jesus,” Anderson said.

To illustrate the sin that accumulates on the soul, Anderson used the metaphor of cleaning dirt and rust that builds up over time off machinery terminals. The daily Christian disciplines of confession, prayer, and Bible reading are comparable to the cloth that is used to wash away the dirt each day. If left alone the rust can build up to the point where a grinder must be used to remove it.

“There is a condition where the long term accumulation of the crud eats the terminal up entirely; there is nothing left,” Anderson said, cautioning his listeners to not neglect the daily cleaning of their souls.

“It is a whole lot better to stay clean if you do the cleansing daily, than to let the crud accumulate over time,” Anderson said as he closed his message. “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we stayed close to Jesus, so we only have to wash away daily sins?”