Additional changes for 2016-17 school year announced

Home News Additional changes for 2016-17 school year announced
Additional changes for 2016-17 school year announced

Departments relocate with academic changes; department chairs revealed

On May 23, Don Tucker, vice president of academic affairs, announced the following department changes for the 2016-17 school year in a Skyline report.

As previously revealed in February, North Centrals academic departments have been reorganized into three colleges: the college of church leadership, the college of arts and sciences and the college of fine arts.

The college of church leadership (CCL) is a new collaboration of the preexisting college of ministry, college of missions, and institute for biblical and theological studies (IBATS). Doug Graham will oversee the college as the dean while continuing his duties as the vice president of spiritual life. Graham is also chairing the study abroad council that approves overseas trips associated with North Central.

The newly structured departments in the CCL are:

  • Pastoral studies – Lon Flippo, chair
  • Intercultural studies – Nick Robertson, chair
  • Biblical and theological studies – Phil Mayo, chair

Relocations have also happened for the departments within the CCL. The Miller Hall south wing will house biblical and theological studies and intercultural studies faculty in addition to an ICS library and prayer room. The newly renamed Chicago Hall (formerly known as the CYL) will hold faculty within pastoral studies.

The college of arts and sciences has been rearranged into four divisions:

  • Business – Chaired by Bill Tibbetts, this division will include majors in accounting and finance, business administration, computer science, computer and information systems, entrepreneurship, marketing, sports management and applied studies.
  • Communications – No chair has been assigned yet for this department. Communications includes the majors of English, communication arts, and American Sign Language.
  • Education– Connie Gayle will chair this department, which includes elementary and secondary education, along with courses in mathematics and science.
  • Social/behavioral sciences – No chair is yet assigned for this department, which involves alcohol and drug counseling, psychology, social work, history and government.