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Tracks within majors also see changes

Due to recent restructuring at North Central, there has been a significant reduction in the number of course offerings.

In the fall semester of 2015, 275 course sections were offered compared to the 224 sections that will be offered in the fall of 2016. A total of 51 sections were removed from the list of offered courses, a reduction of 18.5 percent.

According to the registrar office, not included in the number above are music lessons, internships, senior projects, student teaching and teaching assistants sections. The North Central registrar office said specific courses that had rapid enrollment had extra sections added. The office monitors all enrollment and course offerings carefully.

Courses that have had historically low enrollment rates have been discontinued. One example of this is Latin, which has enrolled about two to three students in each section over the years. The number of electives being offered has been reduced as well. With the diminished number of sections, the school expects to see increased class sizes in core classes.

Every college was affected by the reduction. The college that saw the greatest reduction in courses is the new College of Church Leadership.

“This is a time of restructuring and reconfiguration for North Central,” vice president of academic affairs Donald Tucker said.

No degree programs will be eliminated, but certain specialization tracks within majors will be removed or merged with other areas. One of the specific tracks being removed is biblical languages and theology in the biblical studies major.

“Of course I am personally sad at the loss of the Greek minor and the biblical languages track,” said Amy Anderson, institute for biblical and theological studies professor, in an email. “The removal of the tracks has dismayed students as well, some of whom enrolled at NCU with one of these specializations in mind, and others of whom became excited about an area of study after they were introduced to it in freshman courses.”

Some courses are staying, however, due to the amount of interest students have displayed, like advanced Greek.

“I was thrilled that Dr. Tucker decided to offer advanced Greek in the fall because there were six students who are close to completing either the track or the minor and wanted this course,” Anderson said.

Another track that is going to be removed is campus missions in the pastoral studies major.

The children and family ministries track and evangelism and church planting track will be merged into the pastoral studies major rather than removed completely.

“This is still a bit in flux, so we are continuing to monitor and analyze what specialization tracks may need to be modified,” Tucker said.

The college of arts and sciences is planned to be realigned into four divisions: business, communications, education, and social and behavioral sciences. The College of Church Leadership will have three divisions: pastoral studies, intercultural studies, and biblical and theological studies.

“I can imagine that this move will be good for all of us,” Anderson said in regard to the college merger. “The increased interaction between the faculty and students of the three former colleges will enrich us in many ways.”