Top 10 Moments of BOTF 2016

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  1. From the Inside Out || 4 SouthMiller/2 East Carlson

 This skit was one for the books. Playing on the emotions of everyone who knows and loves one of the newest beloved cartoons, the First Year Experience floors had many under-the-radar jokes and references. One of the best moments was when they walked onto stage while Hillsong’s “From the Inside Out” played in the background. Hilarious. I would definitely consider this the best Freshman Floor BOTF skit I’ve seen in my time at North Central.


  1. Magnum Opbus || 3 Central Miller/2 West Carlson/Mensing

 Any time a team can come together and healthily make a joke about themselves is a good day. Travelling to different realms in a bus – a “Magnum Opbus” – in an attempt to find princesses, this group’s subtle but clever humor issued many rounds of laughter from the audience. Also, David Bennett really made a phenomenal Shrek. A simple, but well-done presentation.


  1. Group #3

 Props to the apartment community for attempting to participate in BOTF this year, but no one was surprised when they couldn’t round up enough people. Maybe next time!


  1. Kitty? || 3 West Phillipps/4 West Carlson

In a mashup of Monsters Inc. and Survivor, came the story of James P. Sullivan trying to raise money to pay for Boo’s college tuition. The adventure to win the funds is arduous, but in the end, he wins the money to give his human friend. The final scene shows Sulley walking through Boo’s door and in a heart touching moment, the final word heard is Boo’s voice saying “Kitty?” What an ingenious closing moment.


  1. Anna and Olaf || 4 West Phillipps/5 West Carlson

 While this group’s skit was indeed hilarious, their dance definitely took the cake. No one was surprised when they took the award for Best Dance, which was comprised of sharp moves, Olaf’s break dance and a fight scene. An overall impressive skit!


  1. Grain of Rice || 3 North Miller/4 East Carlson/3 East Phillipps

 Combining The Little Mermaid and Amazing Race, this skit was easily the punniest performance of the night. Words plays flew and the audience’s groaning response displayed approval at the clever humor. Many moments of subtle humor were present, including the fact that the individual screaming “USA!” the whole time was actually from Canada. The shining moment, however, was when the winner of the Amazing Race, a bag of rice, won the prize of a pair of legs and became Austin Rice, the RA of 4 East Carlson. Another play on words, another clever joke. Spot on.


  1. Jesus Swept || 3 South Miller/4 East Phillipps/3 East Carlson

 Does anyone even watch The Price is Right anymore? Maybe not, but #the343 Brosis made it work by combining the game show with Kung Fu Panda. Their premise: the quest to read the inside of the Magic Dragon Scroll. The mystery had the audience on the edges of their seats the entire skit, but what was inside, however, came as quite a surprise. The moment came, the scroll was unrolled, and the audience sat in confusion. “Jesus Wept,” it read, until a smudge was repealed and the scroll read “Jesus Swept.” A random moment, indeed, but when the crew hauled off the set and all that was left was theater director, Wayne Matthews, sweeping the stage, the audience was in stitches. The throwback to a chapel service before Christmas was a big risk. Thankfully for them, it paid off.


  1. Diego || 5 South Miller/5 North Miller/2 East Carlson

 How do you combine Celebrity Apprentice and Despicable Me? This team found the answer. Their shining moment, by far, was the reappearance of “Go Diego, Go!” that won the heart of North Central last year at Mr. NCU. Featuring Darrison Tellez of 2 East Phillipps, the beloved character, Diego, from Dora the Explorer came on the scene and made everyone in the gymnasium feel like a child again. Did this make any sense to their skit? Not really, but it’s Battle of the Floors, so anything that gets a laugh is a good thing.


  1. Commercial break for Cool Whip || 4 North Miller/3 West Carlson

 Tackling Dancing with the Stars and combining it with The Incredibles seems super random, but this whole skit screamed of excellence. By far the most memorable moment was Frozo’s exchange with his wife, Honey, regarding the state of his dancing shoes. Playing off the well-known scene from The Incredibles, the audience roared with laughter at the combination of masterfully styled voicings, hysterical actors and absolutely ingenious script writing. In the words of Rusty McAllister, Dancing with The Incredibles was “totally wicked!”


  1. Congratulations, Chris Woelfle! || 4 Central Miller/1 West Phillipps/5 East Carlson

 This skit truly brought forth a whole new world, but it was the ending that was truly magic. Competing for the hand of Princess Jasmine, many gentlemen, including Donald Trump, faced Fear Factor challenges for her hand in marriage. In the end, it looked like the beginning of a love story for Donald Trump and Princess Jasmine, but she was adamantly not content being a prize to be won. The magic came when Tim Brown, depicting Chris Woelfle, came to the stage and rescued the princess. The audience was in stitches as “Chris” proposed and lived happily in love with the princess. After all, it really is the dream of everyone to see Chris find his special lady. Hands down, the best moment of the night.