North Central adds lacrosse to their athletic offerings

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North Central adds lacrosse to their athletic offerings

New program and head coach point to an exciting future


Julia Andrews
North Central will be adding lacrosse to the athletics programs offered to North Central students. They will be led by coach Billy Frick.


With a new head coach and a new program, North Central lacrosse is excited to start practicing for the inaugural 2017 lacrosse season. For the first time in over a decade, North Central University is welcoming a full contact sport to its athletics program.

Four years ago, NCU proposed the start of a club lacrosse team two years in a row, however, due to lack of engagement and a multitude of complications the team failed to gain ground. As of 2016, not only has NCU established that it will in fact have a lacrosse team for the 2017 spring season, it will be the first NCAA Division III program in the state of Minnesota.

“Bringing the culture of lacrosse to an institution like North Central brings a wide variety of people from multiple regions,” said newly appointed men’s head lacrosse coach Billy Frick.

Lacrosse was invented by Native Americans around the western Great Lakes area and eventually spread to Montreal and Ontario, Canada. It then made its way to upstate New York. Around 1950, the tradition of lacrosse around the western Great Lakes began to diminish and areas in eastern Canada and New York began to take hold of the game. Today, Lacrosse is known for being heavily supported on the East Coast, however, as the fastest growing sport in the United States, there are an unprecedented amount of very talented teams popping up all over the country.

“The days of everything (lacrosse) being from Baltimore and New York are changing and we have a huge opportunity to bring more diversity to this campus,” Frick said.

With a brand new field in the heart of Minneapolis, NCU lacrosse will not only make an incredible impact on the student body, but the community will have a whole new atmosphere to embrace and be a part of. The Elliot Park field is not only being utilized by the Rams, but the Minneapolis Youth Lacrosse Association also provided leagues and programs for local youth to participate in the sport.

As North Central prepares to participate in this new program, students on-campus are already anticipating the 2017 season.

“People are going to want to go out and watch the game. It’s going to make North Central a better place to go to school, not to mention the fact that recruiting will also go up,” said sophomore Darrison Tellez.

Tellez plans on joining the inaugural team as well as a handful of other current students and external recruits.

“The whole atmosphere at North Central is going to change. Any full contact sport at a school can really bring the school and community together,” said Tellez.