Minnesota holds Super Tuesday event

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Minnesota holds Super Tuesday event

Republican Marco Rubio and Democrat Bernie Sanders win votes at Minnesota Caucus

Caucus Results

Marco Rubio and Bernie Sanders came out victorious in Minnesota on Super Tuesday, a day when eleven states held caucuses and primaries.

Minnesota’s caucus was held on Tuesday, March 1. Many voters turned out for the political event causing some precincts to run out of ballots as reported by Joe Vince of the Minnetonka Patch.

Bernie Sanders lead the way in the Democratic caucus with 61.6 percent, while Hilary Clinton only received 38.4 percent. Sanders took 77 delegates, and 16 super delegates, for the Democrats.

With 36.47 percent of the vote, Rubio took the lead for the Republicans. Ted Cruz received 29 percent, Donald Trump with 21.3 percent, Ben Carson with 7.30 percent and John Kasich with 5.75 percent. Rubio took only 38 GOP delegates from Minnesota on Super Tuesday.

With the presidential election right around the corner, every state holds a regular primary or a caucus. The caucus is used to help narrow down the candidates that can be voted for in the election, one from each party, traditionally Democratic and Republican.

The difference between a caucus and a primary is found in how they are run. With primaries, voters can cast a ballot at any point on the day it is held. However for voters to participate in a caucus they must show up at a certain time and place.

If you are a Republican participating in a caucus you can expect to hear a few speeches, maybe speak with some politicians, and then cast your ballot. Democrats can expect something a little different in their caucus. They are gathered into one big room where they try and convince those around them that their candidate is better. Then voters are asked to cast their ballot by going to a certain area of the room that represents the candidate they wish to vote for.

After the votes are cast at the caucus, delegates are divided based on the results and then sent to the national party convention to vote on a candidate for their state. Delegates usually vote based on the results from their precinct.

Based off the results of Super Tuesday, some candidates may not continue in the election process.

While Rubio won over the state of Minnesota, it is the only state he won on Super Tuesday. After all the states primaries and caucuses were held, Donald Trump is taking the lead followed by Cruz and Rubio for the Republicans. For the Democrats, Hilary Clinton is currently ahead of Sanders who won the Minnesota on Super Tuesday.

Arizona and Utah will hold primaries next on March 22 while Idaho will conduct a caucus for the Democratic Party.