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A Man for All Seasons

North Central’s spring theater production

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Student actors, Josh Cisewki and Zachary Fortunado, potray an intense scene in Friday, March 11 performance of A Man for All Seasons.


North Central University’s spring production premiered this past weekend. “A Man for All Seasons”, a play by Robert Bolt, is a tale of family matters and controversy set in the 1500s. It is a story that brings out the best and worst in the characters. The main character, a family man and respected Englishman faces the amplified conflicts in his life, from his daughter’s engagement to religious demands. He comes across characters that are concerned with reputation in the community as well as facing their own demons.

Joe McLaughlin, who plays the Common Man calls it “entertaining” and says “it forces you to analyze yourself!” McLaughlin’s character is a representation of humanity portrayed in all eras.

“I learned how people can be selfish and their motives can be twisted,” said David Bennett, who plays Thomas Cromwell.

“A Man for All Seasons” ran from March 11-13 and is playing again from March 18-20 in the small chapel. Tickets are available for purchase at the NCU Bookstore and online.