NCU athlete selected for prestigious honor

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NCU athlete selected for prestigious honor

Elissa Pheneger selected to NCAA National Student-Athlete Advisory Committee for Division III

Elissa Pheneger (center) was recently selected onto the NCAA National Student-Athlete Advisory Committee for Division III.


At the end of the Fall 2015 semester, junior volleyball captain, Elissa Pheneger, was awarded the prestigious honor of being a member of the Division III National Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. Pheneger will serve for the next two years as a representative of the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference and the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference in order to vote on important legislations, regulations and other rules the NCAA Division III is putting into action.

The committee meets in person, four times a year, in January, April, July and November, as well as various teleconferences throughout the year. Pheneger is among 21 other students from around the country that represent other various NCAA Division III schools.

“They [NCAA Division III board] really like having student voice to help sway a vote a certain way,” said Pheneger.

Not everyone can be selected to be a part of this elite committee of students. Pheneger, with the help of North Central athletic director, Greg Johnson, said she had to undergo a heavy application with sections varying from her GPA, to an essay on why she should be selected. After the application is submitted, it is reviewed and passed on to the NCAA Division III board, where it is voted on and either selected or discarded.

Pheneger is the first student in North Central University history to be selected for this prominent committee. She will be representing 5,200 athletes from 22 different conferences around the country in the UMAC and MIAC conferences.

“It’s a huge honor and I’m really excited to be representing such a large range of athletes,” Pheneger said.

As the captain of the women’s volleyball team, Pheneger seeks to utilize this opportunity of leadership to continue bettering not only the volleyball community, but the NCU athletics community as a whole. Through this position she hopes to see recruiting go up and her experience as a student leader continue to push her forward into her final season in the fall.