Fall graduate living out NCU’s mission statement

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Recent graduate talks about how NCU prepared her for life after college

Sixty-two graduates gathered to celebrate and honor their accomplishments of the last years of their North Central journey on Dec. 11.

Graduating were 10 students from the College of Missions, 10 from the College of Ministry, 12 from the College of Fine Arts and 32 from the College of Arts and Sciences.

According to recent alumna, Ashlyn Vosika-Scherzberg, graduating in the fall has the advantage of applying for jobs earlier; however, life after college can feel incomplete.

“I think I have these feelings because I know I’m not done yet. It’s just the beginning,” Vosika-Scherzberg said.

Students at North Central are trained and equipped to not only use their academic learning in the business world but also in a ministry setting. NCU students have the advantage of going to chapel everyday, minoring in biblical studies and have professors who keep Christ at the center of their classes.

NCUs mission statement goes as follows: “North Central University is a Christ-centered, Bible-based, Pentecostal school with a commitment to academic excellence that prepares students to fulfill biblical models of leadership and ministry throughout the world.”

According to Vosika-Scherzberg her area of studies prepared her for life after college.

“There are aspects to attending North Central that truly prepared me for life after, (graduating).” Vosika-Scherzberg explained. “I definitely see my education at work in certain settings.”

Vosika-Scherzberg believes that she learned a lot about her faith and who she was during her time at North Central. “After going to North Central, I learned the importance of daily time with God,” Vosika-Scherzberg said. “It can take a long time for people to understand the importance of personal time with God and I’m thankful for people who took the time to help me understand.”  Vosika-Scherzberg advises current students to attend chapel often and to branch out of the North Central community.

“Even though North Central is not the real world, it’s our real world while we have it,” Vosika-Scherzberg said.