The Final Scene – ending the year with a show

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The Final Scene – ending the year with a show

One of North Central’s theater classes performs their final projects

Play Practice - 3
Pictured (left to right): Joe McLaughlin (Simon Stimson/Mr. Webb), Saorsa Enget (Emily Webb), Mikayla Vetter (Mrs. Webb), Alex Joson (Mrs. Soames), Tyler Burr (Stage Manager), and Talon Sanders (Director). Photo by Shane Christensen.

It’s that time of the year again; students all over NCU are bustling to get their final projects and papers complete and cramming in all their studying for finals.  For one class in particular, the student’s projects will bring entertainment to the North Central community.  In Theater Directing, taught by Wayne Matthews, students are required to direct a 15-minute excerpt of an existing play.  They are allotted about a month to complete this project.  The students have to hold auditions for their play and work with their cast to complete their project.  They use props and existing set materials to create the scenery of the play.  This time around, junior theater and English literature major Joseph McLaughlin is helping out his peers by acting in one of their plays.  His director is junior theater major Talon Sanders.  Sanders chose to direct the last act of the play Our Town.  He chose this play and scene because he believes it has a cool message of how people do not spend enough time paying attention to each other and the world around us.

“I think being reminded to slow down, look around, and really get to know the people around you is essential to both Christian faith and living a successful life,” Sanders said.

The directing students learned the behind the scenes of what it looks like to direct a play.  They faced challenges of holding auditions, organizing rehearsal schedules, directing and designing a set.

The most challenging part for Sanders was learning to do administrative work.  He had to learn how to balance all of his cast’s schedules so that they could meet to rehearse their scene.

“I think this experience has been a huge learning experience for me on how to organize people,” Sanders said.

The project is due next week for the students and the plays are scheduled for Dec. 11th and 12th at 7pm.  NCU students are encouraged to come and support their fellow peers and see all of their hard work performed.