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Nancy Zugschwert has been hired as new department director

Nancy Zugschwert began her first day as the director of communications, a new department formed this year, on Nov. 4, 2015.  The department was created, working alongside the marketing department, to assist in university relations inside and outside the campus.

The new Vice President of University Relations, Andrew Denton, recommended the creation of the department in order to fill needs that were seen on campus. Denton is a newer addition to the North Central staff, filling the position that used to be held by Michael White.

The new department of communications will focus on internal and external communications, public relations and social media.

“There are opportunities that we have to tell the North Central story, and there are people here, both inside the walls and outside, who need to hear that story,”  Zugschwert said.

With the addition of the department of communications, there will be some adjustments in the marketing department as well. The marketing department focuses primarily on, but is not limited to, enrollment marketing aimed towards new and prospective students.

Zugschwert believes the new department will help market to current students, staff, and faculty as well as alumni, news sources and the general public as well. The two departments are “intentionally separate,” but share a “symbiotic relationship,” says Zugschwert. “We’re better together and yet we’re each operating in the strength of what were being called to do.”

Zugschwert’s main goals in the next 90 days are to work on assessing the communication climate and to put systems and processes in place that contribute to the “missional goal” of North Central. She is working on putting together communication plans for the most effective way to “tell the stories” that the university has to offer.

Zugschwert is the only employee in the department at this time but there are attempts being made to fill a full-time social media position. The job is posted, and Denton and Zugschwert are hoping to have an active employee in place in January. 

Prior to her move to North Central, Zugschwert worked for the University of Northwestern for just shy of ten years where she worked in a similar capacity as a communication specialist in the marketing and communication department. Zugschwert graduated with her bachelor’s from St. Catherine’s University with a double major in communications and Spanish.