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North Central’s theater team prepares for their upcoming musical

Cameron And Anna Baker
Pictured is Cameron Cornell playing Professor Friedrich Bhaer and Anna Baker playing Jo March. Photo by Julia Andrews.


Since the beginning of the semester the theater team has been working hard preparing for their fall production. This year the group decided on the Broadway Musical, Little Women.  Having three-hour rehearsals three to four times a week is paying off and finally coming to an end for the talented group as they approach opening night.

Little Women was originally a novel and hit Broadway for the first time in 2005.  It’s about the lives of four very spirited sisters Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy March.  The audience gets to follow the characters from childhood all the way up to womanhood.  The storyline covers three major themes that include domesticity, work, and true love.  The show is full of light humor, drama and even some sword fighting.

“We pick theater pieces based on a number of reasons because it is an important story to tell,” director Wayne Matthews said.  “It has important ideas, themes and values in it that are worth sharing.  As theater department we don’t do believe in doing theater just for the sake of doing theater.”

In North Central’s rendition of Little Women the four sisters are played by Anna Baker (Jo March), Hope Sulka (Meg March), Lydia Nynas (Beth March) and Abigail Nielsen (Amy March).  The production consists of 10 actors and actresses total.

To make the whole musical possible it took more than just the cast, there was also a production team that consisted of a stage manager, costumer designer, set designer, lightening and sound designer and a production manager.   There were also many volunteers who helped put the set together.

The group had to tackle many obstacles throughout their rehearsals.  Some of the challenges that the actors and actresses faced were getting in to character.  This was certainly true for freshman Hope Sluka who plays Meg March.  She found her character’s personality to be the opposite of her own but accepted the challenge and loved portraying her.

For others like junior youth ministry major, Ali Brown who plays Marmee March, getting in to character came more natural.  A challenge for Brown was singing lower than what she’s used to.     

For the theater team, the benefits far outweighed the challenges.  The team is a tight knit group who truly act more like a family.   All the cast members agreed that the best part about being in theater was the friendships that they make.

Anna Baker a senior and theater and vocal performance major said that she loves the family atmosphere her fellow actors and actresses bring.  One of her favorite things about being apart of theater at North Central is the life-long friends that she has made.  Acting is Baker’s passion and after North Central she plans on continuing her acting career.

The whole theater team is very passionate about acting and have put in so much time and energy into this production.  The team is very proud of their accomplishments and successes in this production.

“We would love to fill the house and for students to come out and support their fellow classmates because they put their hearts into the piece,” Matthews said.  “Its not just a chick flick it really touches on so many important ideals and I think people will be surprised at how much they’ll actually enjoy it.”

The days for the shows are Nov. 13th-15th and the 20th-22nd.  All show times and prices can be found on North Central’s website.  Tickets are available online, in Mensing or at the door.