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A celebration of being a woman

Pictured, left to right, are Chelsea Densieski, Allison Schimenti, and Sydney Riggs, the Delta Kappa leadership team. Photo by Holly Pieper.


As French music softly played, excitement bubbled in the air as NCU women floated in and out of clay commons on Thursday evening.  The women’s ministry team, Delta Kappa (DK), held their first event called “Sweet Escape.”

The event was an ice cream social with the theme “a night in Paris.” It was a night to escape from all the busyness and stress of the first couple of weeks of school and to celebrate being a woman.  The event had different social activities ranging from a painting station to a photo booth and you can’t forget all of the sweets!    

Around the end of the night the DK team members gave some announcements and then shared their hearts on the vision for their ministry and their goal to rebrand Delta Kappa.    

This year is a little different from past years because there are only three girls on the team and this is their first year being apart of DK.

“I think with the three members its been to this point, really effective for how we’ve conducted our meetings, to how we’ve gotten things accomplished thus far,” said music pastor major and Director of Delta Kappa, Allison Schimenti.  “I think we have a lot closer relationship and it brings a lot more intimacy between us as a team.”

The only concern the three DK girls had was the amount of helping hands at their events.  However, to their benefit they had around 10 extra ladies that helped throughout the night.

To accomplish their goal of rebranding Delta Kappa the girls camp up with three words to follow which are unity, authenticity and femininity.

“We want unite all the girls on campus, break some barriers of the Miller and Phillipps Hall divide and even a divide in age,” said business major Chelsea Densieski.

The girls’ vision is for the woman on campus to first be unified and then to be real and have authentic relationships with one another.  The goal is for women to have intentional relationships and not surface level ones Schimenti explained.

After being unified and having authentic relationships, the goal is to celebrate being a woman.  The word femininity gets lost in a perception of being girly and loving sparkles and pink.  At the event, Schimenti said that femininity is about celebrating each other’s differences and the fact that we are the daughters of God.

“We want women to see each other as one, as sisters in Christ rather than see our differences,” said junior and youth development major Sydney Riggs.

The DK girls believe that for these three words to really affect the lives of NCU women they have to be the example.

“It starts with us living out those three words first, being the one to live out authentic lives, being united as a team and celebrating each other because we are all very different,” said Schimenti.  “We are different in how we talk, how we think, how we create so I think its first of all us living it out with each other and then bringing it to our friend groups and then encouraging them to live that way.”