Senior Dan Erickson Wins Mr. NCU

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Senior Dan Erickson Wins Mr. NCU
The Mr. NCU contestants performed a coreographed dance to a mashup of Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” and Hilary Duff’s “What Dreams Are Made Of.”
The Mr. NCU contestants performed a choreographed dance to a mashup of Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” and Hilary Duff’s “What Dreams Are Made Of.”

10 students compete to be called the most eligible bachelor on campus

The Student Activities Committee (SAC) held their annual event, Mr. NCU, March 19 in the Sanctuary. This year, 10 contestants across campus, one from each male floor and one from the apartments, competed to win the title of Mr. NCU 2015, the most eligible bachelor of North Central.

Dan Erickson, a senior in the communications department, placed first in the competition, followed by two East Phillipps resident Darrison Tellez who took second place. Two East Carlson resident, Tim Brown, placed third. Each contestant won a gift card and Erickson received a trophy created by the 2014 winner, Matthew Schmeichel.

“It’s nice to win, of course, but there’s also a lot to be said for taking satisfaction in a job well done,” said Erickson. “I put a lot of effort into preparing for Mr. NCU, so it was nice to see my hard work translated and paid off.”

At Mr. NCU, contestants were able to show off outrageous talents in a hilarious manner. Contestants created dances, skits and monologues to entertain the audience and capture the eyes of the judges. This year’s Mr. NCU had students raving. It was the “the best #MRNCU yet,” said Twitter user Brandy Dooley.

The hash tag #MrNCU and #MrNCU2015 were tweeted all across campus, generating a lot of chatter on the social media website. Many people who were not in attendance still tweeted using one of the hash tags to join the virtual conversation.

This year, many new talents and entertaining acts were introduced. For the past three years, all of the winners have chosen to show off their drumming skills in one way or another. This year Erickson stepped outside of the box by doing different impressions of North Central’s staff members. He also displayed things he is known for on campus in a hilarious skit, such as hosting the North Central Ram’s games, giving admissions tours or playing floor hockey.

Other unique talents and entertaining acts were shown throughout the evening. Mr. NCU runner up Darrison Tellez chose to do a skit inspired by the popular children’s television show, “Go Diego Go.”

Contestant Payton Hurney of five East Carlson signed Jason Mraz’s song “I Won’t Give Up” in American Sign Language (ASL). Ben Parmeter of four West Carlson revealed his talent of eating doughnut holes and reciting the Ten Commandments, adding another doughnut after every commandment.

“They did a fantastic job with variety,” said SAC director Mykelti Shirk. “I was so impressed by the talents and entertainment these guys came up with. They really branched out and came up with things other guys didn’t do.”

Four female staff and faculty members from across campus came together to judge the competition. The contestants were judged according to five categories: the choreographed dance, the introduction videos, the entertainment and talents, and the answers to their questionnaire from the SAC team. Their enthusiasm, engagement, planning, quality, uniqueness and entertainment factored in to their scoring.

The contestants, along with the help of their floors and friends, came up with all the videos, skits and performances in a very short amount of time.

“The only thing that the SAC team and I will do is prepare the dance for them,” said Shirk. “Everything else is very much on their own.”

Erickson said, “Mr. NCU has always been one of my favorite events on campus because of the fun way it allows people to come together, share their creative talents and celebrate different aspects of the university.”

If you were unable to attend Mr. NCU, all video recordings will be posted to The Northerner’s YouTube page.