Periscope: A glorified Chat Roulette?

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Periscope: A glorified Chat Roulette?

Twitter’s new live-streaming app may have more negatives than positives

Performers can utilize Periscope to stream live perfor- mances in real time.



Live streaming is at a whole new level as the new app Periscope makes its way onto iPhones around the world. This up and coming app, created by Twitter, connects people all over the globe instantly. This program takes communication to a whole different level.

When first downloading the app, the user is asked to sign in with Twitter. With access to the user’s Twitter account, Periscope follows those that the user already follows on Twitter. After this the user has full access the app and follows people, bands, and various accounts that they already have had interest in.

Periscope’s home page allows the user to view anyone they are following that is live streaming at that moment. It also suggests users to view others that have recently begun to live stream. These suggestions are not based on interest, but rather provides access to those who have recently begun to live stream. The bar on the bottom of the app allows the user to move from the home page, to the global live streaming page, to the user’s own broadcasting page, and finally to the users own profile.

The user can live stream their own life, with friends, followers, and anyone who wants to view it. The app offers the options of both the front facing and traditional outward facing camera, in order to stream oneself or one’s surroundings. Viewers are able to continually like the stream by clicking the heart in the right hand corner, and comment by typing the in the box on the bottom of the app. Comments and questions typed by views move up the live stream video for a short amount of time allowing other views and the host to respond. Once the live stream is over the host can choose to save the live stream to their account or delete it.

The app’s main page offers many selections of various live streams for users to watch.


Pros: This free app caters to people around the world and their desire to connect with others. The simple and attractive design allows users to simply navigate through the app and begin their own broadcast. The app assists users in finding streams that they would be interested in. It is useful in sharing life with others, many have begun to use the app as a way to view concerts, connect with new friends, and communicate with celebrities.

Cons: Periscope is currently only available for iPhone users, sorry Androids. At first glance Periscope is similar to the infamous Omegle and Chat Roulette, both of which had the same purpose of connecting people all over the world. These sites became known for inappropriate use, and Periscope has the same potential. Nothing is filtered, which makes it questionable for some users. Overall, with so many similarities to Omegle and Chat Roulette, Periscope is not completely innovative.