NCU students host “Glow: The Final Party”

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NCU students host “Glow: The Final Party”

Nine Music Business students host end-of-the-year party highlighting local artists

“Glow: The Final Party” will be held April 19 at 7 p.m. on the Carlson Patio, where local artists will perform and free food will be served, celebrating the end of the semester. The event is being held by nine North Central students.

This event will be held April 19 on the Carlson Patio. Those who attend will be given a free chapel skip.


The project, consisting of students enrolled in Music Business II, required managing an artist throughout the semester. Through a collaborative effort, the team has been planning, marketing, and promoting the event featuring each artist the team has been managing. The process of planning this event initiated in February.
“We wanted to do an event where we can bring them all together and kind of just showcase the artists as well as go through the process of planning an event,” said senior music business major Madison Groves.
“It’s a good thing for the community to get together and just hangout,” said junior music business major Alex Melgosa.

“Glow” will be a night filled with music, s’mores, glow sticks, and food, and other prizes such as an autographed posters from Imagine Dragons, an Imagine Dragons vinyl with unreleased songs, and posters and stickers from other bands as well. These will be provided by Universal Music Group. The party advertises for students to “BYOB-lanket.

Groves, representing Stephen Witt and MISCH, and Melgosa, representing John Chuck and the Class, have both been representing their artists before this project began. Other artists preforming include One Accord, Corporate Color and DJ Pontoose.

“We’ve personally been with our artists before the class,” Groves said. “It just kind of fell into place.”

With the approval of Doug Graham, a free chapel skip will be given as an incentive for attending the event. Students will sign a sheet with their name and ID numbers and an additional skip will then be added to their bank, similar to signing in for college chapel or advising chapel.

“It’s like you’re adding a chapel skip to your repertoire of chapel skips,” Groves said. “So freshman who get 15, they’d be getting 16.”

The inspiration for the name of the event was derived from a similar event entitled “Glow” that was held in 2012 for a Music Business II class. The continuation of the name was decided on in hopes to draw older students to the party.

“We just wanted to have an event where people can hangout with each other and celebrate the end of the semester,” said Groves. “It will be really just a huge party.”

Additional information can be viewed on the “Glow” event page on Facebook.

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