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North Central takes some laps
"swim" to swim clubs!
“Swim” to swim clubs!

Student starts a swim club through rec and wellness

New to North Central this year is its very own swim club.  Roma Dickey, freshman ICS major, started the swimming club.

Before coming to North Central, Dickey said she had seen something online saying there was a swim club here, but when she arrived, she realized the club no longer existed.  She took it upon herself to talk to athletics to start something up.

Dickey was redirected to Paul Brunner, director of Rec and Wellness, who worked with her to start up the club.  Brunner and Dickey meet often to discuss the club, see how things are going, and see if it’s something worth continuing.

The club meets every Tuesday from 6:30-8 p.m. at the University of Minnesota’s pool located in their Aquatic Center.  The Ram vans to bring the students to the University of Minnesota pool.

Currently the school pays for the transportation and for the students’ admission into the pool.  Dickey said that on the first day there were about eight people that showed up, and they average about five to six people every week.

“It was nice to have something different to do to workout instead of just going to the fitness center,” said Olivia Brown, freshman ICS major.

Dickey is passionate about swimming and has been on a swimming team since she was in middle school.  She has done plenty of competitions and meets so she knows how to run a practice.

Dickey also wants to help people get in shape. “(Swimming) was a great way to stay in shape and it was great to be on a team that supports you and challenges you to do your best,” she said.

Dickey said she would love to see more involvement.  Right now the club is simply free time to swim and most people just do laps for about 45 minutes.  In the future, Dickey would like to see the practice more structured and more of a workout for people than a social event.

“I would like to see the club running all four years that I’m here,” Dickey said about her vision for the club.

She also said that she would like to see attendance grow and is currently in the process of brainstorming ideas of raising awareness of the club.

Dickey would love to see the club turn into a competing sport for North Central, but she realizes that probably will not happen for a while.  It would be a long process and there would need to be more involvement and more interest.

Currently the University of Minnesota Morris (Cougars) is the only school in the UMAC that has a swimming and diving team that competes in the NCAA Division III.

The club started back up this semester on Feb. 10 and it plans on meeting at 6:30 every Tuesday night. There is no commitment and no fee.  Students can sign up for the swimming club in Student Life. For more information contact Roma Dickey.