New student president plans for next year

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Tiffany Larson, new student body president, shares her voice for NCU students and discusses her plans for 2015.

Tiffany Larson, a senior Business Administration major, was elected student body president of North Central on Feb. 9 with running mate Mekeyah Wright as vice president after an uncontested election.

One of Larson’s major goals for her term is to better inform the student body on the role of student government. She described it as a funnel, where the government represents the opinions of the student body to the staff and lobbies for changes in policy. The staff then communicates to the student body through the government by asking questions and explaining the reasoning behind existing policies.

As the student body president, Larson will meet with President Gordon Anderson on a monthly basis as the voice of the student government. She hopes that as students gain a better understanding of the government’s function, more students will get involved. For the past three years, presidents have run uncontested, and she would like to see multiple people running for office next year.

“The main reason that I am doing this is because I have a heart for students and who they are as individuals.” Larson said, “I want to make myself as available and approachable to them as possible.” She emphasized the importance of students voicing their opinions because she wants to accurately represent the student body as a whole instead of promoting her own personal agendas.

“I’m never one for changing for the sake of changing, I want to say I did things because it’s what the students valued and I knew it was the right time for North Central,” Larson said.

Larson, who transferred to North Central as a sophomore from Des Moines Area Community College, served on the student senate her first year in attendance. She then served as vice president two years in a row under Nathan Hirsch and Caleb Brose, giving her extensive experience in the student government.

A problem for student government in the past has been the amount of time it takes to get trained into the office and learn the functions of their role. Larson plans to address this issue by providing documentation and better training so future members of student government can walk in with a better understanding of their purpose and get to work sooner.

Larson describes herself as a planner and an organizer, and though she believes past governments have been creative in changing policies, she differentiates herself by having the administrative skills that were previously lacking.

Larson wishes to challenge the student body to get more involved.

“If students don’t agree with something on campus, come talk to us,” Larson stated, “Don’t just complain, do something about it, that’s my challenge to them.”