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New Segue Coffee Shop opens up on 11th Street

Melissa Parker stands in front of the new Segue on 11th Street.

After nearly two years of waiting and planning, the new Segue coffee shop opens today on 11th street. North Central students have anticipated this day for quite some time since rumors about the new shop started almost a year ago. Melissa Parker, the assistant manager of Segue, states that the process of purchasing the storefront started a year ago, and it has been a long and bumpy ride.

“We started remodeling 2 ½ months ago,” said Parker. “After we began, the city said that it wasn’t zoned for businesses!”

So, the plans came to a halt, as the owners, and customers, waited patiently for the landlords to get it rezoned for businesses. “There were just certain things we didn’t realize about our space until we had already begun,” Parker said, “If we had opened earlier, it would have been very complicated.”

However, all of the waiting has paid off. The store opens today, and the community is very excited. “We’ve ironed out the hiccups, so there isn’t anything holding us back from opening now,” said Parker.

The interior is beautiful and inviting, with calm blue walls and vintage barn doors. There is even a separate room in the shop, which can be reserved for classes or small groups.

Segue also has ambitious goals for bringing the community together. “We really want to build unification in the community,” said Parker. “No matter who they are, we want our customers to feel like they are genuinely cared for.”

They are also hoping to be able to reach out to the apartments and churches in the area.The new location is now open on Sundays, appealing to customers from Hope Community Church, Bethlehem Baptist, and First Covenant Church which are right around the corner from the shop. It is also located between apartment complexes and Augustana, making it a prime location for interaction and community in the neighborhood.

There are even plans to host a concert in the spring. The local band, Cedar, will perform on the patio outside the shop. All of these goals are an effort to help the Elliot Park Community become unified through a good old cup of joe. “I love everything Jane (the owner) is trying to do with it,” Parker gushes, “It was a very long process. We feel like it has been God’s timing, though, and it has been a blessing in disguise.” Segue’s goals of unifying the community really does attest to their slogan, “good coffee doing good things.”