From the Desk of the President

A question that I am frequently asked is, “How is the president role going?” Depending on the day or the situation that the question is asked, I will often have the same answer.

“It’s going really well. It is definitely different, but good.”

I often respond in that way because it is different. The role of the student body president is a unique role. It is something that I have never had any experience in, because it is a role that heavily takes on the characteristics of the person who fills it.

There are certain expectations for the person who fills the role, several solidified meetings, events that must be attended and other absolutes that come with the job.

The rest of the position, and the part that is often most seen by the outside observer, is defined by how the person in the role responds to the perceived expectations of those he or she represents.

What makes the role “different” in my opinion is the process of defining what the response to those expectations looks like.

Student leadership at North Central is a unique experience due to the extremely high turnover. Most positions are filled and refilled every academic year. This high turnover can be a challenge and an opportunity. It provides opportunity for the students to have experience in many different roles, developing both individually and corporately within a different team dynamic each year.

However, this great opportunity is paired with the temptation of working with a narrow scope. It becomes easy to focus only on the one academic year ahead and not think about what is coming next in two, five, eight years.

Longevity is important. It is something not often discussed due to the difficulty of working with longevity-focused paradigms. We live in a time where we want results immediately. However, a focus on longevity shows that the work being put in is enough, even if there are no immediate gratifications from the work, so long as the future is being benefited.

This is the paradigm that I conditioned myself to have when I took on the role of student body president, and has continued to be the lens that I look through when it comes to conversations regarding policy, changes, and representation.

I have said it before, but the simple advice from Dr. Anderson, “be a friend to North Central,” has truly shaped my response to the expectations of the student body president role.

In all that I do in this position, I want to advocate for what will be best for North Central now, but especially in the future. However, this is not something that I can do by myself.

Over this next semester, The Northerner will be allowing me to curate a response column to questions and concerns that students have, and discussions that are happening on campus.

I will write my responses from the view point that I have been given the opportunity to have, a view point that will have many different perspectives synthesized into one.

I am lent perspective from administration, staff, students and my own personal view. I will take all of these perspectives and blend them into a curated response to any questions, comments, or concerns that a person poses.

Help me by submitting comments, questions, or concerns to any issues on campus to If your submission is responded to, you will also be appreciated with a $5 dollar gift-card to a vendor of your choice!

I hope to hear from you soon.

Caleb Brose, student body president