Hole-in-the-wall pub offers tasty burgers of all varieties

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Hole-in-the-wall pub offers tasty burgers of all varieties

Despite below average customer service, Twin Cities burger joint manages to impress

There is just something about biting into a hot juicy burger on an empty stomach that can turn my day around. There are countless burger joints to choose from in the thriving area we live in that can make it hard to settle on one place. Plain burgers tend to get boring and sometimes it is nice to go out and try something new. If you are looking for something different, Blue Door Pub is where you need to be.

The Twin Cities area is known for the famous Juicy Lucy burger, which can be found at select few locations. Juicy Lucy’s are delicious cheese filled burgers made unlike anything else. There is cheese that is added to the inside of the meat patty, along with cheese on top. They stuff the raw meat with cheese and cook it until the cheese is melted, which results in a burst of hot, cheesy, goodness in your mouth.

The Blue Door Pub has locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul that are both not very far from North Central. The building they now use used to be a Puerto Rican restaurant called Puerta Azul, meaning Blue Door.

I walked into the St. Paul location on a perfect fall afternoon with an empty stomach, and felt as if I was ready to eat 10 burgers. The atmosphere was low-key and there were not enough people in there yet to add to the energy.

The restaurant’s famous Luau Blucy burger is priced at $8

My friend and I chose a booth and waited a little too long for our rude waitress, who did not seem the least bit interested in making our experience pleasant. She threw our drinks on the table and without a smile took our order, but we did receive a forced smile when it was time to pay. This sadly made my experience not as enjoyable as it could have been, but the food made it worthwhile. We quickly ordered their Cajun style tater tots. I am not usually a fan of tater tots, but they were crunchy with the perfect amount of spice.

Their menu has a great variety of Juicy Lucy burgers to choose from, and you also have the option to create your own. They have unique options such as the Breakfast Blucy, which has thick-cut bacon and a fried egg on top. Their Bangkok Blucy is topped with pickled ginger veggie mix and the mozzarella stuffed inside is soaked in coconut milk before being put in, and they add a side of curry for dunking.

I am usually pretty simple when it comes to burgers, but I wanted to be adventurous and went with the Luau Blucy. This mouthwatering burger was stuffed with mozzarella cheese along with thin sliced Canadian bacon and topped with two grilled pineapple rings in a sweet chili glaze. It was a great combination with the perfect amount of sweet, with a slight spice, but still the burger taste that I love. I struggled to finish the entire burger and sat back feeling very full and satisfied.

There are other well-known Juicy Lucy burger joints in the Twin Cities area such as the Nook, the 5-8 Club, and Matt’s Bar. I have been to the Nook, 5-8 Club and Blue Door at different times, and in all honesty my favorite Juicy Lucy burger has been at the 5-8 Club. Don’t get me wrong, the Blue Door is

still excellent, but from my personal experience, and from what my taste buds can recall, the 5-8 Club has stood out for me personally. All of that to say, life is short. Eat a burger.