Delta Kappa aiming to unify

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Delta Kappa aiming to unify

Empowering women to empower others

Guest speaker Kim Serbus shares her testimony
at Delta Kappa’s Pearls and Girls event. Serbus
is the Women’s Ministries pastor from Celebration Church.

Women from North Central gathered together on the twenty-fifth of October in the Center for Youth and Leadership (CYL) basement to dress up, eat sweets and praise God. The Delta Kappa team put on their third event called Pearls and Girls, featuring Women’s Ministries pastor from Celebration Church, Kim Serbus. The night was filled with laughter and tears as Serbus shared her testimony and a word from God. The theme of the night was us being fearfully and wonderfully made.

This is just one of the many events Delta Kappa has put on this year.  Delta Kappa is North Central’s women’s ministry group composed of six women who work hard together to put on events like Pearls and Girls. Their goal is to empower women to empower others. The group meets every Tuesday to discuss goals and plan events.

The first event Delta Kappa put on this year was a worship night in Clay Commons. The second event, Not Just a Face, was a get-to-know-you where the team answered questions and shared about themselves.

The director of Delta Kappa and senior and social work major Michelle Courrier, has a new vision for the group and is excited to see the ministry grow.

She wants the women on campus to feel loved and to know they do not have to go through their college experience by themselves.

“I want them to know that they aren’t just a face in the crowd and that they aren’t alone,” said Courrier.

This year is different for Delta Kappa as they focus on unity and holding more events.  Delta Kappa is known best for two main events: Sex and Chocolate and Banquet for the Broken. The group will still put on these events, but they want to have more opportunities for women to attend.  Delta Kappa hopes to plan their next even as something more upbeat, such as a Christmas party or a game night.

“I want the women to be there for each other but I don’t want all of our events to be heavy and emotional,” said Courrier “I want them to be fun too!”