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The Northerner history box

North Central Bridal College, what do you look for in a mate?

On February 16, 1979, North Central Bible College’s student paper, The northern light, published a rather intriguing pole. The students surveyed 71 women and 51 men that attended North Central. The article states that “the students rated the qualities of the opposite sex according to how important they were to them.”

1 = not important

2 = a little important

3 = important

4 = very important

The results were averaged and then listed from the most important qualities to least important qualities. Both the males and females that participated stated that spiritual-mindedness was the most important quality, with quietness and musical abilities being the least important for both women and men.

The results from the survey on the most important
qualities in the opposite sex were published in
the Northern light February 16, 1979.

The major differences in results were found in physical appearance. Men ranked looks at a 3.39 importance level, while the females ranked appearance at a 2.47 importance. Another very important quality to men was that a female be a “good money manager.” However, the women were looking for someone that was goal oriented and humorous.

Many students wrote extra comments on the survey about the “flirt.” The article states that many of the surveyed individuals “do not appreciate a flirt, and sometimes even get very turned off by one.” One woman even wrote: “–The only decent men around here seem to be the married ones, I’m not sure where the rest of the guys even stand with God–because it really doesn’t show in many of them that they are here to prepare to serve God.”

Lastly, results showed that several of the students of both sexes admitted that very few North Central students would have fulfill their expectations.

Have times changed? What are 2014 North Central students looking for in a mate?

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